@giacomozucco @sstackmore Is there a good Austrian book or article I can read about black market goods and effects on price? Why exactly does making something illegal increase the price? I would assume it mostly has to do with regulatory barriers and the costs of working around them. Anything else fundamental?

@verretor weird, I messed up this response. I was trying to respond to a question you were asking about if we remember something. Sorry I can't remember what it was now lol

Bitcoin hodlers have another instance to join here.


Boost / repost this to reach more potential users and keep the fediverse distributed.

This instance is Pleroma with Soapbox. The web UI is pleasant and has a great one on one messenger that you won’t find on Mastodon. You can also use apps compatible with Mastodon and Pleroma.

Onion service available: 4jqv7gntqtwjqijamez7ikrioy7sezgeghr4idjtvhnwvn4ehdxryxad.onion

@Genericblog next time Elon blasts us off, it's a one way trip to Mars

So Musk and Minerd both start buying tomorrow, right?

@ibz as such, there's no need to have an "engraved in stone" protocol for resolving disputes between individuals. So the ethereum as world computer idea is totally unnecessary and quite possibly counterproductive. of course this ignores the fact that it will never work because blockchain is not scalable in the way that eth requires 😂

@ibz you're absolutely correct, and I think that the "superfluous nature of smart contracts" angle that you're highlighting here is indeed a good one. I'm not a legal scholar, so probably people might have different interpretations. But the "code is law" idea does seem to be somewhat problematic for the reasons that you describe. No doubt, code is truth, as in the case of Bitcoin's hardcap. But law is another matter entirely. Law is, as you say, about interactions between individuals in society.

@CountBitcoin yeah I don't think they're actually planning to do anything about monetary policy, this is about putting us in the pods.

@Bit_Faced to be honest the H means that I'm not really interested in engaging with you anymore. but just in case you legitimately don't understand this, I'll answer your question briefly: there is no block size limit that would ever meet your requirement for "ensuring low enough fees for everyone" that would not completely centralize the network at the node level. The end. Good day sir.

@Bit_Faced @giacomozucco @mir_btc no it's far too early for me personally to want/need to do that. I would in the future though. Anyway it's always been known most people will use custodial services. Maybe I'm not sure what you meant by "priced out."

@Bit_Faced @giacomozucco @mir_btc it's always been known that at global scale most users will not be using the chain directly. LN is going just fine as well. So I really don't know what you're talking about. Go read some Austrian theory if you don't understand how the whole world benefits from a global sound money standard.

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