Gold people: We should move back to a good standard.

Bitcoiners: I've put myself on the standard.

See the difference?

Move back to a gold* standard. (Sorry for typo)

@bitcoinpasada they beg the government to take us back to the trusted 3rd party relationship that got us into this mess, it's pathetic.

@bitcoinpasada brilliant observation. Jim Rickards has been saying this about gold for 20 years or more. He was the OG opt-out guy.

@bitcoinpasada yeah - good point!

Gold is complicated to enter/exit. Everyone needs to be on the gold standard for it to work. You need to trust the centralised Gold custodians too.

Bitcoin is quick & easy to enter/exit. Anyone can adopt it & still use fiat to purchase things.

“What would it seem like if it did seem like a global, digital, sound, open source, programmable money was monetizing from absolute zero?" - Allen32

@bitcoinpasada i just posted the article it came from. It’s really quite beautiful & your post reminded me of it.

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