It's not a coincidence that the CEOs of Twitter and Gab both support .

@NickBTC is for enemies. I'm saying you can't see the incentives to hold bitcoin are true for everyone, regardless of which side of free speech they stand on.

That's kind of what I thought but wasn't sure, love it, What a time to be alive @bitcoinpasada

@lotemps I pretty much have to agree. You can see it in the way he talks about bitcoin, he says that he likes an open protocol that no one controls. That's "why" he likes it. That's actually not a reason to like bitcoin. the reason to like Bitcoin is because of what that means. It means we get to crush the central banks, forever. It means we get to ensure freedom for humanity, forever. I don't think Jack really understands the implications of sound money.

@bitcoinpasada All I wanted to do was buy $500 worth of Bitcoin 4 years ago for online sports gambling. Now I'm taking the full multicolored matrix vitamin pill down the rabbit hole every morning.

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