@verretor Hahaha, that's to funny πŸ˜‚

But nice! Looks like we can get the twitter experience easy, just hop over to other feds to enjoy takes outside of this echo-chamber


@czino @verretor how do we jump over to other instances?

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@bitcoinpasada If you do, please don't troll too hard, instances can block other instances afaik πŸ™„

@bitcoinpasada @verretor when you search for todon.nl you find users from their instance and can see their toots there. Haven't found the federated timeline yet

@czino @bitcoinpasada I don't think you can see their local timeline. I don't think you should haha.

@bitcoinpasada @czino You can look up other users in the same way that you'd search for an email address.

[email protected]

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