Bitcoinhackers exclusive: This bull run is much more massive than many believe. Last cycle was 74 weeks from halving to top. 74 weeks from the 2020 halving is mid October 2021. We're currently on week 35 with 39 weeks to go. Now go back and look at the same time period last cycle: The 13 March 2017 candle. BIG and RED. Now draw a bar battern from that candle to the December top. Drag that pattern over the current cycle. Let it sink in.

@bitcoinpasada The conviction to hodl and stack on these dumps is why we will be kings.

It’s hard gauge what the impact this macro economic climate will have on Bitcoin this bull run.

People forget this run was going to happen without QE infinity. The QE will make the Bitcoin price moves logical to those that can see the Gold play & will confirm the Gold 2.0 narrative.

I’m still thinking we’ll get very close $1m ($900k+).

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