I feel like this goes without saying but....

***Don't buy hosted miners that aren't going to come online basically immediately in any circumstance***


Miners hosted by someone else do not make the bitcoin network any more decentralized.

Not your miner, not your hashrate.

@bitcoinmechanic I second this! I went for the Compass Mining schtick. I bought 2 miners three months out. I paid with BTC. When it came time for the miners to go online the facility was not ready. Compass have me a choice: Sell back my miners, wait for another facility or get the miners shipped to my home. They also have $500 credit for each miner for future purchase. I opted to sell back. I got less BTC back because the prices were Fiat. I lost sats.

@Ogfomk sorry to hear it, I've seen a few similar stories online recently.

I'd agree with @bitcoinmechanic, hosted/cloud mining has always been sketchy at best. Kind of amazed to see them still being advertised on so many platforms.

@htimsxela @bitcoinmechanic In all fairness I don't blame them (Compass Mining) for having this business. For me I just jumped on the wagon when China threw out the miners and I figured I would get lucky (Greed).

And that's it!

Greed makes stupid people like me do stupid things and I lost time and energy that now I have to work even harder to recover.

Risk and Reward is this balance.

, ironically, is the risk of knowledge gained in time value. It pays just to learn.

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