Hey Elon Musk, will you consider Saylor's Lightning proposal to help fix Twitter?

Except for weaponized enforcement, it’s a decent idea.

@ademan @bitcoinmagazine we've come full circle back to hashcash (also it doesn't work)

Not sure I agree, I mean certainly spammers might be able to afford more deposits, but imposing a cost on them will reduce that behavior. I suppose if spammers are able to earn more from their spamming than it costs in lost deposts, it wouldn’t work, but that’s a matter of tuning the deposit amount to filter as many spammers as possible but permit as many legit users as possible.

There is still opportunity cost vs tumbling them and trading them for USD or goods.

@ademan @Moon @bitcoinmagazine

It would also limit the amount of bullshit on the tl if there was a monetary staking aspect. Its much easier to put down the phone if it costs you money to post.
@agora_brewing @bitcoinmagazine @ademan I don't have a link but I mentioned hashcash which was a precursor to bitcoin, where you solved worthless math problems in a similar way to pass spam filters. All that happened was spammers paid the fee using cpu cycles from systems they pwned.
@bitcoinmagazine @deeznuts No, doge does not even have an own blockchain (uses Litecoins blockchain/mining). This doge-joke-garbage is not secure at all. No idea why people waste their time with altcoin-projects when we have the most important protocol on hand - bitcoin.

@bitcoinmagazine this is a reliable way to filter out malicious bots, at the cost of usability for real humans.
On the other side, it would onboard tons of ppl to lightning network.

@bitcoinmagazine It's about time bitcoin twitter got on mastadon. Honestly hypocritical to waste your time with fiat social media.

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