🚨 Our @YouTube with 60,000 followers just got BANNED mid-livestream with no warning. DELETED

When will the aggression against content end?


YouTube response: Educating people to buy and hold is "encouraging illegal activities."

Meanwhile, a thousand scam channels thrive.


International news

RT @LaHuellaSV
La plataforma @YouTube ha suspendido el canal de @bitcoinmagazine el cual cuenta con más de 60 mil seguidores, mientras realizaban un streaming

La justificación de la plataforma:
Educar a las personas para que compren y mantengan  es "fomentar actividades ilegales".

The video platform by @Google banned our channel today during a live stream covering news.

@namcios with more:

@bitcoinmagazine Bitcoin should only be illegal.. if used properly.

@bitcoinmagazine I did not use YouTube much before, I have now deleted the app.

Have you considered booting up a PeerTube instance?

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