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Listen below as @Scaramucci explains to @matt_odell that Bitcoin's strength is its growing network of people who value using it as money.

"It is that network, there's millions and millions of people that are now accepting it as value transfer."


Tune in below as @AhykeCop joins @DistRiggs to discuss Bitcoin adoption and its use cases in Nigeria.

"A major use case for Bitcoin is remittances, getting USD out of the country, and getting money into the country."


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Did you read this article?
Well now you can Listen!🎧

Casey's article,
"Stocks Don’t Truly Discover Price, Bitcoin Fixes This"🔥

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Last week, I co-hosted a @bitcoinmagazine clubhouse on ’s coming activation.

Yes, there are differences in opinion. No, this does not resemble debates that have led to past network splits.

A quick thread on current consensus 🧵

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It's happening! 159 Bitcoiners from all ages came together to recite the whitepaper and pay their respect to Satoshi Nakamoto. Go to dimzayan.com/voicepaper.html for the full experience.

Thanks to everyone, you are an amazing community of trailblazers.

We Are All Satoshi.

In this podcast, @AnitaPosch joins @ck_SNARKs and explains her reasoning behind Bitcoin, not blockchain.

"Bitcoin was the first system of its kind...and I think nothing that came afterward has topped that in any aspect."


Featured article from last week:

The Utter Futility Of A Bitcoin Ban.

"More similar to the case of Bitcoin is the example of the East German mark and the black market that emerged around currency in a divided Germany."

Written by @L1KNB.


Tune in as @Scaramucci explains to @matt_odell that Bitcoin is going to earn a spot in any hard asset portfolio.

"The question is, is bitcoin going to have a slot in that pizza pie. And my answer to that question is yes. Yes it will."


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The first ever open-to-all Bitcoin-Infused @CSGO tournament is finally here! Tune in now for this historic moment:

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Highlighted article from this week:

Nigerians Need Bitcoin, So Where Will The Restrictions Lead?

"Nigerians have traded more than 60,200 BTC (worth more than $566 million) since 2015 through Paxful’s P2P exchange."


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Why won't Bitcoin die? Because you need it to protect yourself.

No matter how much the critics complain of how "it can't work" and how "it's bad", bitcoin keeps chugging along and thrives.


Tune in as @Scaramucci explains to @matt_odell that money managers have to include BTC in a portfolio to preserve client wealth.

"I think people are gonna say ok, I've got 5% in bitcoin and I'm doing way better than you that has no percent in bitcoin"


Despite The Bitcoin Price Dip, This Week Was Incredibly Bullish.

"We closed last Friday at $56,000 and saw the price reach and all-time high over the weekend, yet the market decided to pull back. This is a feature, not a bug."

Written by @_joerodgers.


The worlds largest Bitcoin conference is coming to Miami this summer and we want you to be there!

Buy a cheap ticket or 2 now by using code SATOSHI for 10% off general admission tickets:


Why Won’t Bitcoin Die? Because You Need It.

"Bitcoin is not a speculative bubble fueled by degenerate gamblers hoping to make a quick buck, it’s capital flight from collapsing fiat currencies."

Written by @nikcantmine.


We are hiring a Product Manager for the Bitcoin Magazine Store!

We are looking to bring on a passionate and hard-working Bitcoiner to help us scale up our store! Check out what you'd be doing and the requirements below.

If this interests you, please email [email protected]!

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