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My Latest Article: @BitMEX announced a new spot / cryptocurrency exchange adding onto their platform that largely focused on derivatives.

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Global inflation rates:

🇺🇸 - 8.3%
🇬🇧 - 9%
🇧🇷 - 12.1%
🇷🇺 - 17.8%
🇦🇷 - 58%
🇹🇷 - 70%
🇻🇪 - 222%

is the escape hatch.

Among Block’s initiatives to further the ecosystem shared in its 2022 Investor Day is the development of an open-source bitcoin mining ASIC chip.

@namcios reports:


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My Latest Article: Russia legalizing and other cryptocurrencies iIs a matter of time according to the Russian Minister of Industry And Trade.

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's "⚡️ is the future of payments." - MicroStrategy CEO 🚀

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Want to hear about where it all started, what we have been up to and where we are heading?

Here it is, check it out👇

We had the pleasure of meeting with @Bitcoin_phan over at @bitcoinmagazine to chat about all things .


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My Latest Article: @NFL Defensive End for the @49ers Alex Barrett Is taking 100% of his salary in with @Bitwage

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I sat down with @BitcoinerJobs and @coryklippsten to discuss the website which supports a growing Bitcoin industry by offering a platform to connect employers and employees. bitcoinmagazine.com/business/g

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Missing out on 2022 merch? 👀

There's still time to get your very own Miami-themed Little HODLer! Check out the official @bitcoinmagazine store for apparel, hardware wallets, games and more!

SAVE 10% using code: CONF22 🎟️👇

BREAKING: Jack Dorsey's Block to sell open-source mining ASICs 🙌

Denis Manturov, Russian minister of industry and trade, explains that legalizing and other cryptocurrencies as payment will happen given time.

@Fall_Of_Fiat covers the news:


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"Bitcoin Is Venice" lays out a how offers a more ethical monetary and financial system for capitalism in its purest form ✨

Grab your copy from the @bitcoinmagazine store today! 📕👇

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JUST IN: Legalizing and crypto in Russia is just a matter of when. – Minister of Industry and Trade 🇷🇺

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Everything we discussed with Uncle Ricky on 25 March during our flight from CDMX to El Salvador is super relevant to understanding the chaos today as the fiat fraud unravels

Watch it 👇


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How to Buy a Home with

-Interview with mortgage expert @gmekhail
-News & Notes with @phjlljp & @q_liketheletter
-Bitcoin Magazine Pro with @DylanLeClair_ & @samjrule

Going LIVE at 1PM EST

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On today’s Magazine Live:

-An interview w @gmekhail
-@bitcoinmagazine Pro w @DylanLeClair_ & @samjrule

Going live at 1pm EST: youtu.be/O5QbWDOe5Wk

JUST IN - Jack Dorsey: Block's wallet and miner will create the ecosystem for a self-sovereign economy 👏

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We're happy to announce that American football player @alexbarrett used our platform to take 100% of his salary in .

As a defensive lineman, he's used to taking charge, and today he officially took charge of his financial future.

Will you be next?

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