Please, I will awesome if you write an article about covered calls for bitcoin to passive income for pay mining hosting
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still far below S2F and logarithmic regression model. July is the first small bounce back. Will it continue?

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La recuperación parcial del precio del , y otras altcoins hace que la capitalización total del mercado de vuelta a pisar el billón de dólares.

I am excited to announce that I will be learning to as part of the challenge starting July 1st! Join me via @100daysnocode!

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In 48 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in !

Make sure you follow me so I can dm you if you win :)

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Just a reminder, these assholes can photocopy the money you work a lifetime for 😈

Step 1: collectible
Step 2: store of value
Step 3: medium of exchange
Step 4: unit of account

Right now we are starting step 2, take easy
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The cyber hornets dilemma 🐝

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.@elonmusk the bitcoin community wants to hear from you! Join me on the show

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They can stop anyone from buying any stock if they wanted to but they cannot stop anyone from buying on a dex like @bisq_network

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Folks spent a decade saying Bitcoin was a scam.

Now they're realizing they had their money parked in scams the whole time.

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Free markets and free speech are under threat.

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Robinhood "Let the people trade"

Google "Don't be evil"

Twitter "The free speech wing of the free speech party"

The United States of America "Land Of The Free"

How we doin guys?

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They want you to think your “vote” is the name you write on a ballot, but it is actually the currency that you use.

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We are watching the playbook unfold right before our eyes.

The powers that be can cut you off from your money and suppress your speech at will unless you learn how to defend yourself.

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In moments of uncertainty, when courage and strength are required, you find out who the true corporatist scumbags are.

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Jefferey Epstien killed himself and we live in a free market

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