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Parler is down, Gab is slow, I think the federated approach with Fediverse & Mastodon is worth a try. Join thousands of bitcoiners and let's grow an alternative to Twitter! Sign up with

Phone apps available e.g. Tusky, Amaroq

Don't forget ETH is a centralized shitcoin

Always has been

Slack, Twitter, Medium

has transitioned to

Mattermost, Mastodon, Email

We're at least federating... Decentralization is next.

Bitcoiners on Twitter like... no0o stay on Twitter don’t retreat to mastodon. But I don’t see anyone staying to fight for the dollar lol 😂 #bitcoin

Today Twitter kicked me out for nothing. I didn't even wrote a tweet. 🤡

Was implemented exactly as stated in the whitepaper? How did terminology and bitcoin's implementation change over time from what Satoshi first published? See this by David Harding @hrdng

RT @MrHodl
Never forget that Germany was a democracy before Hitler was voted in. The state is a tool for evil people to use however they see fit.

ATH Hash rate and 28% dip with record buying volume. bullish much?

Stop locking down businesses & start locking up politicians 💯

Those who win write what happened in the history books.

Bitcoiners will win and expose all the bullshit.

@bitcoinization Why so bearish? I think we'll reach that faster.

Btw, where is the Remindme Bot 😉

Heckler disrupts ⁦Senator Schumer
⁩ in Midtown Manhattan!

Love it!!!

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