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If you didn't see two loafs of bread it means the lockdowns are not doing you very good!

Stop locking down businesses & start locking up politicians 💯

Heckler disrupts ⁦Senator Schumer
⁩ in Midtown Manhattan!

Love it!!!

Brazilian economy is so bad right now that Ford's shares went up on the news that they will be closing all 3 factories in the country!

Friday, April 28 - Bitcoin reaches new ATH

Saturday, May 27 - Bitcoin falls 25% from ATH of $2680 (double of previous 2013 ATH)

This is were we are now!

BREAKING: President Trump signs Washington, D.C. emergency declaration, ahead of the Presidential inauguration, from Jan. 11 to Jan. 24.

FEMA will assist! 😱

Good morning to all, welcome to the new people coming from the Twitter exodus. The world is ours!

Jack Dorsey was just spotted on Twitter a few minutes ago! 😂

I got suspended from Twitter, I'm thinking of not even bothering using my other account to post stuff over there and migrate to Mastodon for good.

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you:

"Our Heroes in Blue"

I created a flowchart to help you determine which cryptocurrency is a scam and which is not.

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