is used in Brazil to issue many scams, including this one, a token that is claiming will save us from climate change! 😂

This is currently trading in one of Brazil's biggest "bitcoin" exchange.

Since March 2020 there have been an outflow of 20% of held in exchanges, the inflow of USD keeps increasing.

"This is NgU technology first of all" - Pierre Rochard 😂

Imagine a "beloved" President so afraid of his people that he needs the military to protect him on his own inauguration!

Monero is trading at it's lowest level against since August 2016.

Monero is NOT a SoV and has no supply cap.

Imagine a President so afraid of it's own people that he has to cancel everyone's hotel reservations ahead of his inalguration!

I will not be forwarding any of my toots to Twitter, I'll not give them my content for free!

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