Since March 2020 there have been an outflow of 20% of held in exchanges, the inflow of USD keeps increasing.

Imagine a "beloved" President so afraid of his people that he needs the military to protect him on his own inauguration!

Monero is trading at it's lowest level against since August 2016.

Monero is NOT a SoV and has no supply cap.

Imagine a President so afraid of it's own people that he has to cancel everyone's hotel reservations ahead of his inalguration!

I will not be forwarding any of my toots to Twitter, I'll not give them my content for free!

If you didn't see two loafs of bread it means the lockdowns are not doing you very good!

Stop locking down businesses & start locking up politicians 💯

Heckler disrupts ⁦Senator Schumer
⁩ in Midtown Manhattan!

Love it!!!

Brazilian economy is so bad right now that Ford's shares went up on the news that they will be closing all 3 factories in the country!

Friday, April 28 - Bitcoin reaches new ATH

Saturday, May 27 - Bitcoin falls 25% from ATH of $2680 (double of previous 2013 ATH)

This is were we are now!

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