You feel the injustice, the crack of the whip, the exhaustion of the hamster wheel.

The money is slaving you

Enough is enough.

Low volume & low fees do not equal end of bull run.

The bulls lurk in the shadows.

Countries operate just fine on the weekend without politicians.

Monday to Friday - shit-show.

Trapped in an inflationary world without is a life without colour.

Add some orange to your life.

They debase your money because taxing you more would be too obvious.

is your vote against sly taxation.

The status quo are being deceived hardcore.

No amount of anything in this world would tempt me to go back.

is the way

Your closest friend doesn't know your bank account balance, why should big brother?

Privacy is a basic human right.

's volatility is one of it's best features IMO

If people understood how much inflation was robbing them, a momentary 50% drop would feel like a walk in the park.

37% down from ATH.

The more fear, the greater the bounce.

Getting March 2020 vibes.

You bears are going to hate what comes next.

Any publicity is good publicity for

So bullish right now.

@elonmusk is passively destroying energy FUD & has no idea.

Thanks for bringing the truth to light.

is here to save humanity.

Doge is fun until someone prints an unlimited amount of it & crashes the market to zero.

is more fun, because no one can do this

Regulators writing these tyrannical regulations will realize they're on the losing side of history.

Due to strong economic incentives, they will be forced to ditch their slave money, join the network & contribute to it's growth.

Most of them are still in denial.

Been recommending @BitarooExchange & @MuunWallet to new Aussie plebs

Both are enabled & only.

In fact, the entire system is designed to rob you.

People are waking up & buying

They can't censor peer-to-peer conversation.

Spread the good word.

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