🚨 We are back with another release: v0.6.0 brings new API calls, bugfixes and bumps the MSRV to 1.46.

Check out the release notes ⬇️ ⬇️


@bitcoinmagazine congratulations to all the brilliant devs building great open source bitcoin software ! And a big thanks to Brink and Kraken for supporting @afilini and the mission of the BDK project.

We've released v0.5.1 to fix a build issue under Rust 1.45 (our current MSRV)

Starting from v0.6.0 we will probably have to bump our MSRV to 1.46


BDK v0.5.0 has been published! 🎉

This release adds the ability to include "foreign" UTXOs in a transaction, and as always comes with some bugfixes and a bit of internal cleanup.


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