📢 Release 0.20.0 is out! Highlights include bug fixes for ElectrumBlockchain and descriptor templates, discourage fee sniping in tx building, and new tx signing options. A big thanks to our past and latest new contributors. See thread for code examples 🧵👇

First, we automagically set the transaction nlocktime to prevent fee sniping.
How do we know the current blockchain height, you ask? We spy on you.

But you can also tell us, if you prefer.

Then, some options for controlling the signer behavior. By default, we try to finalize the PSBT we sign, and, if we succeed, we strip the signatures - making your PSBT lighter 🪶

Lastly, a method to get a certain block's hash. We use Blockstream's electrum endpoint here, but, as always, you can use the backend you prefer - your own RPC node, your uncle's electrum server, or some rando's esplora's endpoint.

We don't judge.

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