🚨 We have been remiss in announcing our regularly scheduled (~6 week) BDK releases! here's a catch-up toot thread so you know what you've been missing since our last tweet about 0.6.0:

v0.7.0 - Improved APIs, a more robust signing process and various bugfixes and improvements.

v0.8.0 - New APIs and other minor bugfixes and internal improvements.

v0.9.0 - Support for Bitcoin Core backends, more sanity checks and bugfixes.

v0.10.0 - Adds AnyBlockchain support for the Bitcoin Core RPC blockchain client, a new ureq based esplora blockchain client feature, and improved wallet drain_to support.

v0.11.0 - Adds the flush function to the Database trait to explicitly flush to disk the latest changes on the db that caches blockchain data.

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