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New blog post: Fuzz Your Mother If You Want Fuzz

TL;DR: How we used a fuzzer to find subtle bugs in @bitcoindevkit's coin selection. Hope you'll find it interesting!


🚨 BDK 0.22 is here! 🚨

Starting with some big news: we now support hardware wallets on desktop! How cool is that?! 💣

We have a tutorial on our blog if you want to try it out:

Lastly, a method to get a certain block's hash. We use Blockstream's electrum endpoint here, but, as always, you can use the backend you prefer - your own RPC node, your uncle's electrum server, or some rando's esplora's endpoint.

We don't judge.

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Then, some options for controlling the signer behavior. By default, we try to finalize the PSBT we sign, and, if we succeed, we strip the signatures - making your PSBT lighter 🪶

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First, we automagically set the transaction nlocktime to prevent fee sniping.
How do we know the current blockchain height, you ask? We spy on you.

But you can also tell us, if you prefer.

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📢 Release 0.20.0 is out! Highlights include bug fixes for ElectrumBlockchain and descriptor templates, discourage fee sniping in tx building, and new tx signing options. A big thanks to our past and latest new contributors. See thread for code examples 🧵👇

Late but worth it! bdk 0.19.0 brings experimental taproot 🥕🥕🥕 support including tr() descriptors, taproot PSBTs, signing key and script spend taproot PSBTs, and tr() in descriptor! macros. Plus new OldestFirstCoinSelection, a sqlite-db fix, and more, see: github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/r

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Congrats to the @USCViterbi CSCI401 students this semester who to create a @bitcoindevkit based stateless multisig coordinator server, well done! 🧑‍🎓🚀Presentation: youtube.com/watch?v=o-Zdyy6Kvx

📢 A new `bdk-cli` 0.5.0 release is out with dependency bumps for `bdk` and corresponding `bdk-reserves` to version 0.18. Also check out the new "Resources" section in the README with link to help you get started with bdk-cli. github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk-c

🚨 Security Advisory: Miniscript MINIMALIF Bug. A bug was found and fixed in the latest versions of rust-miniscript and the bdk library has upgraded to a fixed version in our latest release 0.18.0. Please see @afilini blog post for details: bitcoindevkit.org/blog/miniscr

📢 BDK 0.18.0 is out and contains an important security update, improvements to the key generation traits, new wallet functions, and new sqlite-bundled feature. See release notes: github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/r

📢 BDK 0.17.0 is finally out! This release changes the wallet sync API and makes verification logic enabled by a feature. It also adds functions to get an internal address and to load and cache addresses for offline wallets. See release notes: github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/r

📢 The first release of `bdk-cli` for 2022 is finally out! A notable new `reserve` feature enables proof of reserves commands provided by the `bdk-reserves` crate. Other changes include replacing the wallet bump_fee command --send_all with the new --shrink option, automatically deriving the wallet name from the descriptor (if no name is provided), and a new cookie authentication option for the rpc blochchain backend.


👶 The first release of 2022, bdk 0.16.0 is out! This one includes more under the hood changes; disable reqwest default TLS feature, use the dust value from rust-bitcoin, and fix the network format for generated WIFs. github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/r

🚨 bdk 0.15.0 is now out just in time for Christmas 🎄 ! Most of the changes are under the hood, primarily a restructure of the electrum/esplora sync logic.

Check out @afilini's latest post about his work towards supporting taproot 🥕 in the @bitcoindevkit. A must read of anyone interested in the nuts and bolts. It's still early days and will take time but it's happening!


🚨 bdk v0.14.0 is hot off the press! Notable improvements include a new method on TxBuilder to embed data in a transaction via OP_RETURN and updating the Database trait to store the last sync timestamp and block height. And finally we have updated our integration test framework to verify support for sending to Taproot addresses 🥕 ! github.com/bitcoindevkit/bdk/r

🚨 bdk v0.13.0 is now out (this toot is a little late, was released on Oct 28) and adds new the Wallet::get_tx() function which returns a single transactions made and received by the wallet. It also includes dependency updates to fix recent build and audit issues.


Wanna know how @afilini created the first taproot 🥕 `OP_CHECKSIGADD` transaction? Here's his writeup for you! bitcoindevkit.org/blog/2021/11

In this first part he talks about the changes he made to `rust-bitcoin` and `rust-miniscript`, the next one will focus on @bitcoindevkit itself

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