That moment when you realize, you haven't checked the price for a week,
but remember that number go up.

@ck_SNARKs @pete_rizzo_ bullish af. show that people are actually hungry for real journalism.

How does Bitcoin change Sales and Marketing?

Do you know a Salesperson or Marketing Pro who got orange-pilled and changed his way of operating? pls connect me

RT @Eric_BIGfund
@danheld 51 million millionaires can’t even each own 0.5 BTC

First draft infographics on the decentralized psyche.

Which information is needed additionally?

@bimmer do you know any valuable further discussions on all the incentives that need to be aligned?
I guess one is, that we need more creators?
And maybe we need to learn new ways of interacting in these new shitcoin-free environment? dunno

@bimmer I hope so! Not sure if this is the final answer though. Sphinx tribes could be a bit more engaged.

@slimhodl well, it gets even better if the boss is genuinely appreciative

@VoluntaryPotato do you have some examples of what kind of people you mean by influencers?

to me @mattodell is an influencer and a pleb

Hi plebs, are there any Jazz -Musicians out here? I wrote a Bitcoin-Jazz-Song that needs its instrumentals arranged. Hit me Up:)

I would love to see a debate between Taleb and Saylor.
With both hooked up to brain-monitors that honk when one of them gets emotional.

Saltmine vs Gigachad Bitcoin-Triggerchallenge… make it happen!

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