Taleb on Why Bitcoin Will GO to Zero:


Can someone who understands both sides, please break down the arguments?

That moment when you realize, you haven't checked the price for a week,
but remember that number go up.

How does Bitcoin change Sales and Marketing?

Do you know a Salesperson or Marketing Pro who got orange-pilled and changed his way of operating? pls connect me

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@danheld 51 million millionaires can’t even each own 0.5 BTC

Hi plebs, are there any Jazz -Musicians out here? I wrote a Bitcoin-Jazz-Song that needs its instrumentals arranged. Hit me Up:)

I would love to see a debate between Taleb and Saylor.
With both hooked up to brain-monitors that honk when one of them gets emotional.

Saltmine vs Gigachad Bitcoin-Triggerchallenge… make it happen!

Funny to realize that Peter Schiff got me Into Bitcoin.
And Tai Lopez got me into Peter Schiff LOL

The cat is out of the bag...
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Former CIA Director Michael Morel, "The generalizations about the use of in illicit finance are significantly overstated."

A fantastic report. Share & Retweet: cryptoforinnovation.org/resour

Surveillance renders all other freedoms useless.

My Shitcoiner Friends posted this: "Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in transaction volume per day"

Can someone please formulate persuasively why this does not matter?

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the organization in charge of american kyc/aml policy is now run by the former chainalysis cto yet your favorite influencers continue to tell you there is no urgency to learn how to use bitcoin more privately

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Did you know you can already make instant private payments using Signal without shitcoins? twitter.com/signalapp/status/1

@nvk Mastodon and bitcoinhackers.org is among one of my favorite things about the Internet right now, mostly because I'm a nerd and this just makes it feel how the Internet should really be. The corporate strangle hold on social media is unpleasant and detrimental to society as a whole.

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Selling #Bitcoin and trying to buy back in cheaper is like getting off a train and trying to outrun it to the next station.

Any other citadels in progress we can put on the list?

-Bitcoinbeach (El Zante)

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