Bitcoin doesn’t care about how much bitcoin you have.

It’s not proof-of-stake.


If you have to squint to see whether bitcoin really hit $50K then it's not worth celebrating.

Let's punch through with authority. 👊

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Decentralization is a bit like a seat belt: it doesn't matter until it does and then it matters a lot.

I look at and Bitcoiners, I see no fear or doubt.

I look at everything else I see fear and doubt, so much anguish.

Easy choice.

"I do think Bitcoin is a good thing. I'm a supporter of Bitcoin. I think Bitcoin is on the verge of getting broad acceptance by conventional finance."
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2/3 of you think a new ATH for won't be reached this weekend. We'll wait!

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If you read nothing else this entire week about Reddit WSB and GME, read these 4 screenshots.

Perfectly explained 👇

will reach a new ATH...

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More than 85% of you don't want to trade their precious for stocks like AMC or GME.

Good to hear that!

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If a failed monetary asset such as gold has a mktcap of 8 trillion, imagine where bitcoin could go.

Are you thinking about buying stocks like or with your ?

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45% of respondents want to get up to 50% of their payslip in .

More than a quarter even wants to go all-in (100%). Nice!

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