Have to laugh when a bunch of boomers say Bitcoin has no value because it is only digital when they're talking on Zoom, sitting in different countries, while I stream the audio file to my phone and cast to my TV πŸ˜†

Cross posting Twitter retweets here is weak. I can't turn that shit off?

Nice of all the haters to come out. Look forward to seeing you again at $100K πŸ‘

So you tax me 30% of my income. Then you tax me another 20% when I spend it. Then you tax me another 30% when I invest it. Then you think you I'm not going to leave your shitty country? πŸ˜‚

Cambridge study showed chronic inflammation was a major driver of severe COVID illness.

It is common knowledge that processed food causes inflammation 🀫

Bitcoin is the only escape from an extremely sick population. If their lockdowns don't get you, the taxes to pay for their healthcare will.


We're in the middle of a 'health emergency' and nobody is talking about health.

Bitcoin is actually highly inflationary. To the amount I charge for my time anyway.

Government closed hairdressers. Learnt to cut my own hair. Government opened hairdressers. Still cut my own hair and stack stats instead. Keynesians absolutely livid.

Bitcoin's game theory is going to have to be solid, the communists are coming.

Got so pissed off at this shit I had to buy Bitcoin again just to calm down.

A lot of what we're seeing in the world can be explained by eating this for breakfast.

The public are more accepting of lockdowns to 'fight covid' than they would be of a junk food & alcohol ban.

Ponder that.

Who the fwck has spare fiat lying around to buy dips. Get rid of that filth at once.

No problem with this being a total echo chamber. If we need to check what the communists are up to we can just look out the window.

You can't ban people you don't like because someone out there doesn't like you either.

Beef strengthens your hodl πŸ₯©πŸ’ͺ

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