Lobbying won't work this time. Cartels won't find any legs to break this time.

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Tor v2 will become unsupported in July of this year.

If your Bisq instance still uses a Tor v2 address, you should upgrade it to Tor v3 ASAP!

See how to do it in this guide, or watch us walk through on video in 1 hour.




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So you are telling me you can use Strike with Moon to buy credit on Amazon (you get 5% back). On Amazon buy eGift card. Use that eGift card with @Bisq to get "non-KYC" BTC (currently for face value).

And the result is that you get "non-KYC" BTC with ~5% discount?

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@pox @Bisq They actually seem safer and more private than other options where the payment can be cancelled and your name pops up everywhere: bisq.wiki/Amazon_eGift_card

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Bisq Demo, Episode 2.

Happening this Thursday, 8 April at 1800 CEST.

We'll show:
- how to upgrade Bisq's hidden service to Tor v3
- how dispute resolution works + tips in case you're involved in a dispute


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Given the abundant theft that keeps happening within those so-called DeFi projects due to their ironic centralized control, I'm grateful for the thoughtfulness that went into the @Bisq DAO. It may not be apparent in the sensational media, but I believe that the Bitcoin ecosystem has the better toys.

New Bisq version, 1.6.1
Updating is strongly recommended.

Absolute minimum security deposits are reduced to 0.001BTC.
API is released as beta for experienced users.


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No one can beat the Ledger hack!!

MobiKwik... what?... hold my drink!!!
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Apparent KYC database leak from MobiKwik in India:

- Database is 8.2 TB and contains 36099759 files. Nearly 3.5 million users' full KYC details. Along with 99224559 user phone numbers, emails, hashed passwords, addresses, bank accounts & card details e… t.me/nobullshitbitcoin/1611

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Cash by mail


"Cash by mail (CBM) is one of the most private payment methods on @Bisq."

"This payment method has special requirements you should be aware of, so please read this article carefully before doing any cash by mail trades."


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Bisq as all the Bitcoin ecosystem is moving and needs to evolve.
If you are interested in participating as a sponsor, or as a developer within , @bisq_network is without a doubt an excellent way to start.


Bisq v1.5.8 has been released!

- Improved DAO charts.
- Improved payment methods.
- Fixed bugs.
- API Beta on the way.

Your node will alert and verify the binaries.
Release notes and download: github.com/bisq-network/bisq/r

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.@Bisq Operations Lead @wiz, while on the Citadel Dispatch podcast, outlines the use case for the and other layer-2 networks. 🌊

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