Are bitcoiners still active here? Seems like we lost the momentum on the twitter migration :P

$BSV mc = 0.5% of
$BTCB mc = 0.03% of

Surely we can destroy these trash together? WSB inspirations 😜

Exchanges should fight back and delist BSV. Fuck CSW

Why don't CSW prove his holdings if he is Satoshi???

Will the real Slim Satoshi, please stand up
I repeat, will the real Slim Satoshi, please stand up
We're gonna have a problem here

Nothing surprising with goldman sachs custody, just TraFi keeping up with the times

“Every truly innovative high-tech product starts out as a fad-something with no known market value or purpose but with “great properties” that generate a lot of enthusiasm within an “in crowd". That’s the early market. Then comes a period during which the rest of the world watches to see if anything can be made of this; if in fact something does come out of it-then a new mainstream market forms, typically with a rapidity that allows its initial leaders to become very, very successful.

Good morning Bitcoiners

price ranging is boring but it's more time to stack more sats :)

Wow. It's just art lol chill guys 😂

I interpret unicorn as a fantasy thing for kids.

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IF the ONLY institutional money are ONLY family office allocating ONLY 1% to . That's $59 Billion capital coming into $BTC

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