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DuckDuckGo reaches 100M daily search queries for the first time.

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Think of the Environment before you print this Toot.

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Just as it seems one of my favorite hosting organisations have been asked, so have I and @njal_la, if we would. Of course we wouldn't. We're pro human rights, which includes the right to not be killed by extreme right wing terrorists.

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I guess twitter's making more plans on decentralization? Really thinking they were lying the first time they mentioned it, how are you still in the hiring process after an entire year?
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Are you looking for more people to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse?

@FediFollows posts handpicked interesting accounts to follow, while #Trunk is an opt-in directory of Fediverse users looking for new followers.

FediFollows has a directory organised by topic at:

Trunk has a directory organised by topic at:

#FediTips #Fediverse #MastoTips #Follows #Following

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A Calendar in Three Lines of CSS - Calendar Tricks:

I like CSS Grid! I think I'll support it in Haphaestus, could easily be part of my table layout code...

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Why I left my social accounts

This is incredibly dissapointing and sad to see.

Just because someone disagrees with your views or opinions does not mean sending them threats or insulting them is _ever_ justified.

If you think it's okay to behave this way you need to get off the internet, go outside, and contemplate your actions; people like you do not belong in the FOSS ecosystem.

Dutch news reporter reports about the lockdown and how we really have to work from home. Outside. On location. But in the dark, so it doesn't even work.

A quirky hobby of mine is to think What kind of service, app or site would be behind this typo I was about to type. And to then check if I was right.

Today: - expected a gym, found some Saas diary- software.

Tomorrow: tithub, hithub or bithub.

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Zo ontzettend gaaf dit! De wolf is weer terug in de Nederlandse natuur! 💚

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On Saturday, at University of Segou in Mali launched their chapter! Welcome to the family of 237 campus chapters across 53 countries🌍🌎🌏

2021 is the year of:

Bitcoin is global. No other currency is. When (not if) the US decides to weaken the USD, BTC goes up relatively. When (not if) ECB invents trillions, BTC rises relatively to the EUR. Any naional financial intervention has effect on the global BTC.

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Sure sounds like the market has decided that Parler doesn’t deserve to survive. Capitalism, amirite?

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My friends are excitedly buying the dip because bitcoin is falling to $35K and those words just feel amazing to type.

This near civil war in the US makes one thing very clear: the rest of the world, or at least Europe, is far too dependent on US internet platforms.
Civil unrest in any country always has some effect. But where civil unrest in, say, Haiti, is a byline, civil unrest in the US turns into hampering our (non-US) ability to interact and communicate.
Because it is so US-centric, surpressing or censoring of local US interaction and communication affects us too: the 'innocent', European, bystanders.

Darwin Award Nominee
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He stormed the Capitol yesterday with a taser concealed in his pants. He was in the process of stealing a portrait of Tip O’Neill when he accidentally & repeatedly discharged the taser. He tased himself in the balls until he suffered a fatal heart attack. Really.

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