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RT dtemkin: That person who insists on using an IBM keyboard in a shared cubicle...

Delmonte tomato paste of 70g is consistently ... 50g. Exactly. Thats' not a filling error, but a plain lie.

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As developers of our own frameworks, the software that is so easy to overlook but is at the same time so hard to develop and is so essential, KDE sincerely congratulates @gnome on the release of GTK 4. Well done GNOME!

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Of course the Brexiteers and the tabloids will do everything they can to spin the UK-EU deal in a Win. Let them. Iโ€™m just relieved there IS an agreement. Thanks for all the fish.

The biggest benefit of "microservices", in my experience, is the road to getting there.

Microservices force a team to define hard borders around domains. Define a domain language. Point out cohesion and coupling. Build APIsand using those. And to implement proper testing.

This, in itself, is enough. With such designs in hand, you can turn any ball-of-mud monolith into a maintainable project.

You can probably just skip the part of placing those pieces on separate servers.

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Oh no, pivoted, how could they do this?! I've started a
wait for it
wait for it
to discuss

"Why did they do this? The new Wallet tab shows that they want to exploit the acquired MAPS.ME user base to push their future payments product. Clearly, a map that highlights businesses makes more money than a map that is useful."

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Another part of the battle is deciding which ideas are worth spending time on. A mistake at that point can leave a great idea behind, but not for lack of effort, just a misplaced effort. It really is a beautiful thing when all things align and an idea comes alive.

> Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

This is a great quote, feels very relevant these days, especially when there is so much opportunity to not be productive with all he covid shit going on.

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1990: The first website ever
The WWW browser was working on Tim Berners Leeโ€™s machine and Robert CaillIau's, communicating over the Internet with the server by Christmas Day 1990.
๐Ÿ„โ€โ™€๏ธSurf the Web like 30 years ago


Event Sourcing has the concepts of Causation and Correlation for an Event. They are subtly different.

It impossible to search for this. No, google/DDG/Qwant, I am not looking for "cum hoc ergo propter hoc"!

Aw man, those were times. Sleepness nights in front of MtGox Live.

Learning about "market depth", "moving averages", "walls" and "supports".

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1 BTC = 21884.1952 USD (average from all sources)
1 BTC = 21843.5 USD (source:
1 BTC = 21847.9609 USD (source:
1 BTC = 21975.96 USD (source:
1 BTC = 21869.36 USD (source:

#bitcoin #btc #xbt #cryptocurrency #coin

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Hello 20k. Remember, it isn't Bitcoin rallying, its the US Dollar and other currencies crashing.

This is going to get fun.

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From the services-I-don't-want-to-use department:

Does LinkedIn lack a "deactivate account" feature because people like me would keep their account permanently deactivated when they're not actively looking for a new job?

CoffeeScript is the ultimate proof of Joel Spolsky's "Law of Leaky Abstractions":

> All non-trivial abstractions, to some degree, are leaky.

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A big problem with current Social, is incentives. On LinkedIn, for examole, removing a connection to another person is broken. Removing a connection is not 'beneficial' to them. So there's always less urgency to fix this, resulting in user-hostile platforms.

We need platforms to align their businessmodel with their users. Not aligned with just advertisers, investors or an elite group of paying users.

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new generation of various ad blockers should block whole tracking websites such as google, youtube etc instead of just blocking their tracking requests to finaly solve surveillance issue and safe users machines from melting.
even with ad blockers my old laptop stucks each time im opening youtube.

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