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Reading up on this, confirms my stance that the only proper email-address-validation is "send an email and if it arrives, the address is valid".

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TIL that email-addresses can have comments.

> `john.smith(comment)` and `(comment)[email protected]` are both equivalent to `[email protected]`

Here, hold my beer, I'm off, breaking that regex validation in your app.

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Brave adds native default support for IPFS URLs. That's pretty cool to see.

(yea, I know, just disable the shitcoin and you're good...)

Really enjoying the new Ane Brun album After The Great Storm.

Recognisable, yet more expressive and more electronic than her earlier folky-work.


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me, age 7: i love technology, there's just so much cool stuff going on, and so much to explore! the screen is like a window into a limitless world! i'm really excited to see what technology will be like in 20 years!!

me, age 27:

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@fribbledom The electricity is spent on trying to find a hash of a block+nonce that starts with a lot of zeroes.

It doesn't matter how many transactions are in the block, that's not what matters for the consumption. If there would be zero transactions over next months, the power consumption would stay roughly the same (it would get slightly lower in short term, but continue to raise in longer term).
Also note that there is a hard limit of ~7 transactions per second.

@htimsxela @fribbledom With "Other limits disregarded," I meant blocksizes storage capacity etc. BTC cannot scale to those volumes (yet), certainly not onchain.

But, repeating my point: mining power needs not go up or down to achieve those volumes. They are unrelated.

@htimsxela @fribbledom

Often forgot in these comparisons, is that energy consumption is not a function of amount of transactions. But a function of "security". Often critics imply a correlation between amount transactions and energy used.

Other limits disregarded, BTC can scale up to 100x visa, or process 1 tx/day, with the same mining-energy used.

That is not to say that energy use is a concern. Just that it does not related to throughput (much).

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If Caturday falls on Saturday, what falls on Sunday? Cu..?

RT @signalapp
We have been adding new servers and extra capacity at a record pace every single day this week nonstop, but today exceeded even our most optimistic projections. Millions upon millions of new users are sending a message that privacy matters. We appreciate your patience.

@hansw not all information is inside information. On contrary: only a tiny fraction will be inside info.

RT @CryptoCobain
Here is a radical fucking suggestion that will give you greater success: If you don't know what is going to happen, don't fucking make a trade. Seriously. Fucking sit it out. Only play the game when you know what is going to happen.

@cosminh Certainly. Though not all languages may have this definition for Set, though. e.g. in Java it may be ordered.
Also, in ruby a Set can contain any type, which gets weird fast and is, IIRC not mathematical valid: Set[FALSE, (2 / 2.0), 'two'] == Set[FALSE, 1.0, 'two']


> The only missing feature for me is pausing and continuing on multiple devices

gPodder has this feature. On desktop gpodder is OK-ish, but looks and feels abandoned or not updated for a long time. On fdroid antennapod has gpodder integration that saves progress.

The default server,, however, has been flakey for me: often being down etc.

The idea and exectution (FLOSS) is good, but it feels too much like abandonware ATM.

@jeroen But thanks for the suggestion!

How is @funkwhale working for you as podcast app?

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