@jeroen No. Individual devises have their own firewall. But I killed of my Pi-Hole; not worth the effort, IMO.

My router (which I trust less and less) has a simple firewall too; blocking all incoming ports, basically.

Opening my router configuration.

What could possibly go wrong? 🤔

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@ton What I found interesting is 'federation does not solve everything'. Which is obvious to many. But apparently not to all.

Some interesting thoughts here:

Our experience with the Fediverse, and why we left - infosec-handbook.eu/news/2020-

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Someone posted this before but I've lost it. I loved to read the article so here you have it builtformars.com/creating-an-a

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The main features of #Flockingbird, in a story of people who find work, find a freelancer, keep in contact, and grow a company:



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Because I am getting too many strange signups in the last 24 hours and most people don't read the Terms of Service, I added a Temporary Notice to Masto.host Pricing page: masto.host/pricing/

"If you are looking for an alternative to Parler, this is not it. Please look elsewhere. Thanks."

I hope that's clear enough :)

This weeks domain-typo:

bancamp.com - expected a mastodon instance filled with woke snowflakes. Got a domainsquatter 😒

Tomorrow: bandcam (livestreaming concerts) and bancam (livestreaming mastodon moderators)

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The year is 2140. The last satoshi has been mined. uncontrolled global warming caused the last humans to retreat to the caves of Mongolia.

Four factions of AI are battling on The Exchanges to for title of Largest Whale Investor. A fifth AI keeps inventing ERC20 shitcoins at breakneck pace.

Great Leader of our Data and Maintainer of our Hardware, the benign dictator A Doubleyou S, keeps those factioons powered and running. As long as they keep paying the end-of-month bills in satoshi, that is.

@hansw Might be some plugin though. I have some that "enhance" Github by adding timetracking, referencing etc. 🤷

Is it just me, or is Github not registering clicks properly, lately?

I keep having to click multiple times on buttons & links. In Firefox, at least.

I guess that makes it act&feel more like a real Microsoft product, though.

@doenietzomoeilijk and 'valid' has an expiration. An address may be valid today, but invalid tomorrow. E.g when a person leaves a company, school, provider.

Which, again, is easily solved by not regex-validating, but just sending the mail: as long as it arrives, it is valid. As long as it is read, that's confirmed valid.

@doenietzomoeilijk my stance is that there are four states of email validation. Not two: valid/invalid. But four:

1 pending validation.
2 confirmed valid in the past.
3 probably invalid.
4 confirmed invalid.

Most apps will only need 1&2. 3&4 are when you start getting bounces or errors. 2 in practice means: (confirmation)email was read (proven by eg clicking a link)

@doenietzomoeilijk I deliberately did not reverse my statement 'if it arrives, it's valid' does not mean 'if it doesn't arrive it's invalid'.

But give email some slack: it can handle downtime perfect. It can handle improper implementations. 'Arrived' may imply 'it can be read', but that's secondary.

And no: if a person can read the email, the address was valid. Fully. No 'reasonably sure' there, but 100% sure.

(Again: that does not mean if a person cannot read it, its invalid.)

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