I've been switching between a large and terrifyingly wieldy /Rails app and a complex app the last weeks:

Strong typing truly is a requirement for manageability when growing.

@berkes Other autogenerated subtitles refer to as
* Ross language
* frost language
* Russ

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"using the wrong language".

Udemy course has some unfortunate autogenerated subtitles. This one is hilarious, though.

Dropbox rewrites their sync engine (in ).

Very good read and neat reasoning and backgrounds.


, a new Linux-based OS by Amazon Web Services, uses for almost all new components.


«Go is easier to learn, for much the same reason that a solitary confinement cell is easy to navigate. And that's about all it has going for it.»


I'm falling in love with more and more.

Especially the fact that `cargo build` gives me load of time to spend arguing people on mastodon.

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