Dutch news reporter reports about the lockdown and how we really have to work from home. Outside. On location. But in the dark, so it doesn't even work.

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On Saturday, at University of Segou in Mali launched their chapter! Welcome to the family of 237 campus chapters across 53 countries🌍🌎🌏

Darwin Award Nominee
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He stormed the Capitol yesterday with a taser concealed in his pants. He was in the process of stealing a portrait of Tip O’Neill when he accidentally & repeatedly discharged the taser. He tased himself in the balls until he suffered a fatal heart attack. Really.

My Android tries to tell me that two alarms and new email makes her anxious.

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Seriously, AliExpress suggestion algorithms, is this what you think I'll like?

Delmonte tomato paste of 70g is consistently ... 50g. Exactly. Thats' not a filling error, but a plain lie.

Aw man, those were times. Sleepness nights in front of MtGox Live.

Learning about "market depth", "moving averages", "walls" and "supports".

Wasted an hour debugging an JS event. "why is it not triggered a second time".

It was. Just Firefox being "helpful" and grouping the same logs under a blue badge.

Which I did not know about: shows how much I manage to avoid JS.

Hackernews on 'Smart assistants' is spot on, again.

According to my groundbreaking scientific GIMP-analysis, $Bitcoin price will hit € 17.479,00 by 1-1-2021

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Goedemorgen vanuit de ijskoude Ooijpolder.

William Stanley Jevons on Asymetric Encryption. Back in 1874.

(with todays computers it takes seconds, and it is 89681x96079)

Is it possible to trigger a 'share this link' dialog on mobile (Android and/or iOS) from a website?

I found either outdated info, or poorly supported, or draft, standards. Maybe it cannot work for security reasons?

"Was that the top", "will it go back up", "should I buy bitcoin"?

Some of the questions I get. "I don't know". Well, buying Bitcoin is the only thing I'm certain of: yes: you probably want to own some.

Not for the gain, but to learn about how finance works.

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