Is there a mastodon or other instance for entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers?

@berkes - Why would there need to be such instances?

I mean... Is there a special twitter for entrepreneurs, founders and freelancers? ...or a special facebook?

@vattuvarg I guess we have a different idea of federation?

Why are you on and not on or

There are separate instances for Ruby devs, OSM users, Berliners, furries and so on. Are they different?

@berkes - I don't need an infinite amount of accounts. This one and the one at is quite enough for me.

All instances are slightly different in the same way all city blocks are. The accepted behaviours are different, people enjoy different things, etc.

The one(s) setting up an instance get to decide. ...and the one(s) joining get to decide too. You're not locked to any instance and can move to one that suits your needs better at a later stage, without loosing anything.

@vattuvarg But why would that rule out the need for an instance around any niche group?

Or are you saying that *you* wound not want to join such a niche-group?

Another question: do you use the "local" timeline ever?

@berkes - It doesn't rule out any kind of "neighbourhood", imho.

And wherever you are located will be blessed or cursed by the reputation of that place. I view my two accounts as the cottage in the countryside where I live and then the flat downtown that I visit once in a while. has lots of people, using local there is simply too busy for me. Here I use the local feed quite often, mainly because I actually can reply before the posts scroll off-screen.

@vattuvarg I still have a hard time understanding why you think this niche does not need an instance.

My confusion comes from all the niche instances that I see.

Do you consider founders, freelancers and entrepreneurs a different niche? And if so, why would such a niche not deserve or need their own instance, but others do?
Or do you consider instances for niches, in general, a bad idea?

@berkes - Salespeople need crowds to be at their best so niches are both good and bad.

Excluding riffraff from the money crowd would probably make things easier.

But sometimes salespeople fail to tell the really deep pockets from just neighbourhoods and looks anyway.

So... I'm not saying that this perticular niche doesn't need an instance. I just wonder if such an niche would be more of a limiting factor.

I mean... More business is done at the coffee table than in board rooms...

@berkes I don't. Might be interested in one, though I find it hard to identify with a single aspect.

@madnificent do you mean you don't identify with freelancers, entrepeneurs or founders?

@berkes No, I don't think thematic servers make much sense. We don't have one facet that defines us.

I'm acting #ceo of and but I also develop software, and I like #3dprinting, and I also like old cars, and racing them, and I care about a green world, and I am helping create a food forest, and I'm a husband and father, and ...

No instance caters for that. I think topics should be split from instances. Similar to email providers, instances can contain boundaries.

@berkes Good question. A good instance for me would be one that is stable and that has usage guidelines I can stand by (ie: no racism).

The ecosystem is different right now. During my stay here I've noticed a mismatch with identifying across topic-based instances. I lack the answers for doing it right and maybe I'm just wrong 🙂

I guess it should either be easy to have many many profiles all linked together, or it should be easier to find topics across instances.

@madnificent and what about features? What if a foodforest instance has integrated, say, a map, or a wiki? An imageoriented instance has galleries, or a software oriented instance has features that let you expose your repo's or a 3dprinting instance with stlviewer?

Niches may like features that only make sense to them.

@berkes Yes. That's a bit of a problem. I don't want to choose between these features. I don't want to choose between aspects of myself.

Perhaps such features could be disconnected from instances and could be embedded in apps. #activitypub being #linkeddata, it could be extended too.

My thoughts are clearly in an intermediary stage. I don't know yet. Maybe I never will. But there seems to be a mismatch between an identity and a topic.

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