Thank to Martijn (@sexybiggetje) , Erik's Link Shortener is up and running :D

For anyone else who wants to have their own easy link shortener:

Amazing! Thanks for all the other suggestions, if I find myself in times of plenty, I might look at it :P

@Erik @sexybiggetje

Congrats! But, reading the source, I cannot but wonder: would this not work much easier with a simple .htaccess or nginx redirect-map.conf.

It seems to do the exact same, but with an additional layer of complexity and slowness on top (php).

Not meant as criticism on launching (again: congrats!) just my curiousity after building and hosting several link shorteners myself.

@berkes @Erik

I wasn't sure what the hosting setup was. This allowed me to swap out the .htaccess for another redirect mechanism. I also wasn't sure if Erik would need any other features like link tracking, which could now easily append to it. Simple and effective enough right.


@sexybiggetje @Erik My last shortener has additional POST / and PUT / endpoints that allow creating and replacing urls too (using a hardcoded token as security, lol).

That way, one can manage it with curl or a bookmarklet.

Might be a neat next step?

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