TIL that email-addresses can have comments.

> `john.smith(comment)@example.com` and `(comment)[email protected]` are both equivalent to `[email protected]`

Here, hold my beer, I'm off, breaking that regex validation in your app.

Reading up on this, confirms my stance that the only proper email-address-validation is "send an email and if it arrives, the address is valid".

@berkes if it doesn't arrive, it can still be valid. Your e-mail could end up being junked, or the receiving mail server doesn't implement the protocol properly, or it's just having a really bad day, you know.

Of course, it it does end up in a mail box, you can be reasonably sure that the address is valid. But only reasonably. Not fully. Never fully.


@doenietzomoeilijk I deliberately did not reverse my statement 'if it arrives, it's valid' does not mean 'if it doesn't arrive it's invalid'.

But give email some slack: it can handle downtime perfect. It can handle improper implementations. 'Arrived' may imply 'it can be read', but that's secondary.

And no: if a person can read the email, the address was valid. Fully. No 'reasonably sure' there, but 100% sure.

(Again: that does not mean if a person cannot read it, its invalid.)

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