I've been switching between a large and terrifyingly wieldy /Rails app and a complex app the last weeks:

Strong typing truly is a requirement for manageability when growing.

@berkes I've heard that Diesel -- Rust's (only?) ORM -- requires a lot more code that Rails' ORM, or well any kind of Ruby ORM.

@oz I haven't used Diesel. But I would expect nothing less.

More code is not better or worse IMO. When more code means 'more explict', 'less dependencies' and 'less ambiguity', I consider it better.

Not for prototype or PoC, but for a long lived proj. Nothing worse than a day hunting that magic 'deleted_at' method through gems, 'rails magic', concerns, and monkeypatches.

@oz I'd then prefer an explicit 'deleted_at' method on a class (or trait) a hundred times over.

Because I read my code hundred times more often than that I write it.

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