I'm working on a "professional social network", decentralised & privacy friendly: .

I'm looking for some feedback.

Do you ever use LinkedIn or another "social network for professionals?"

What do you like most about it? What do you hate most about it?

@berkes i use LinkedIn a lot. Very much value the professional aspect of it. I think an open source alternative to LinkedIn is the last hurdle (platform-wise) for the #opensource and #fediverse movement

@davidoclubb This is exactly what we envision.

Though feature wise we'll have to differentiate from LinkedIn.

Caused by our focus (we can only build one thing a time--MVP), in alignment with core values (your are not the product), for our businessmodel (too make it sustainable) and obviously for privacy reasons.

Have used ning, researchgate, linkedin. Good aspects were relevant content, bad aspect is closed proprietary platform, poor accessibility. Heard some talk about "facetime on zoom": think about the power of appropriate brands; one reason why liberty software is poor at mass market. Unsure about "flockingbird"... Would like to see compliance with activitypub protocol, ability to subscribe via RSS, ability to access via text-mode web browser, compatible with other open source systems.

Thanks for your time and feedback; Very usefull!

We build it on ActivityPub, so it can and should play nice with other Fediverse Players; kindof a LinkedIn for the Fediverse.

Mass market is not an aim, "scratching an own itch" and a businessmodel to make it sustainable is the main aim.

@berkes You asked for feedback, new to Mastodon, just full of energy of people creating platforms. Creating for a niche market could be more dynamic and will keep you motivated. See you are into Beekeeping, "no bees no food" my advice, ask yourself is there a need for your vision for beekeeping. Creating a generic "professional social network" is possible, don't let me undermine that vision, its a 24/7 journey.

@Yes2020 Thanks for the feedback. I am aware that whatwwe're starting is big.

But we do have a very focused niche to start with: Entrepeneurs and self-employed people in incubators and flex-working places. Even smaller: the ones I'm involved in. Those are social networks, we want to offer tools to improve that. The paying customers of hosted versions would be those offering the incubators & spaces.

@berkes Great reply, I now understand more and can see the need for it. Its so positive that people are creating alternatives and very uplifting.

@berkes Yes, I use LinkedIn, and I have also given a chance to BeBee, Xing and Viadeo. Following you to learn more about that project. All in all, there are many things to criticise in those networks, but mainly because of the users rather than because of the organisation or the software. Feel free to ask.

@liaizon yes. We've made wireframes and validated those in interviews. Lot's of good feedback esp on the privacy model and priorities.

No new code yet. Just concept work

@liaizon I'm currently on holiday, so tune down my work on this. My two cofounders will be taking over next week. But will be doing the business model part.

We believe that a sustainable open source project needs either luck&lots of love, or a good business that pays for the software development. Business needs to align with good values, which is why we take our time for it.

@berkes thanks for answer. so very early on in its progress.

@berkes I'm not on LinkedIn. I use to have Twitter as my professional network. Now, it's Mastodon my professional network. In my view, all public social networks I might use will be for professional reasons.

@berkes I don’t use LinkedIn and I really dislike it because it does not let you see anything without logging in. People should be able to make things visible to everyone if they want to, account or not.


Our idea for privacy is 3 options: private (only you), community (only your instance), and public.

All attributes on your profile, every 'relationship', 'note' or 'tag' has those three options.

This is slightly different from mastodon, which has no 'only instance' visibility, instead uses 'only followers'.

The 'public' might work for your case, I think.

@berkes that sounds like a sensible model! Thanks for the explanation :)

@berkes Using LinkedIn, left Viadeo years ago.
LI (bought by Microsoft) has good features on the profile side (easy to enrich but many don't has it seems too complex). The real problem is that too many people don't understand that it's not Facebook or Twitter and tend to pollute with bad content. Should be "mandatory" to filter content (via hashtags, words)... The push (as Twitter does now BTW) to follow topics or personnalities is too much. Was a big fan of groups, left all of them due to poor management.
Want to know more. Following You.

@cybeardjm WRT 'groups': the instance would fulfill that, a bit.

Our idea for privacy is 3 options: private (only you), community (only your instance), and public.

Instance as Groups would then fulfill some, but not all: you cannot easily belong to more then one group.

Guess we'll need to think about that case a bit more. It's on the list.

@berkes Thx. Am not a dev, but a marketer. In case you need help.
Left France, live in WestAfrica now.

@cybeardjm thanks a lot. Will keep in mind.

And wow. West Africa can only be great.
I visited Senegal, Gambia and Ginea Bissau, when my family lived there. Myself, I grew up on the other side: southern Africa.

@berkes am in Benin, near Cotonou. Before went to Cameroon, Tanzania (Zanzibar) & Tunisia. Work between Benin and Togo at the moment.

@berkes left Europe in 2016. Wife died. She was Beninese. Didn't want, and have no pro reasons, to move back. Staying here.

@berkes I only briefly used LinkedIn, but closed account long time ago. Didn’t like to have my working experience online all the time. It reduced people to a list of working experiences.

@hansup Interesting.

I want to put the focus on 'competences' and 'aspirations' instead. A simple list of terms that you yourself provide.

Per term, one can set visibility.

Would that work better, or no better for you?

@berkes Yes, probably. Having a choice what is visible at a certain moment would be good. Sometimes I want to show my complete history but sometimes just a part of it, and maybe in another order.
Be careful also with dropdown lists. With LinkedIn too often what I wanted to select was not available.
Also: some people have more than one 'career' running. at one point I worked freelance (webdesign), had a fixed halftime contract at a company and had also a beginning of a artist career... (1/2)

@berkes With linkedIn I had no ability to put more than one profile description. I was reduced to one profile (the most recent) 2/2

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