We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

@gnome I have a really hard time in believing this:

> Leigh Rothschild said “I’m pleased that we have managed to settle this issue amicably. I have always supported the innovation of open source software and its developers and encourage its innovation and adoption.”

Rothshield is a known and famous Patent Troll. So Why is Gnome going along in this frame of painting Rothshield as the good guy, when he obviously is not?


@gnome Just to be clear.

I'm very happy you fought the fight. I'm immensely grateful for your time and effort. And happy about the outcome.

It's just that I feel there's something iffy here. But maybe thats my dislike of patent trolls speaking, IDK.

Sorry if I sounded negative towards you!

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