We have resolved our patent case with Rothschild Patent Imaging. We thank our pro-bono counsel - Shearman & Sterling LLP for representing us.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource


@gnome I have a really hard time in believing this:

> Leigh Rothschild said “I’m pleased that we have managed to settle this issue amicably. I have always supported the innovation of open source software and its developers and encourage its innovation and adoption.”

Rothshield is a known and famous Patent Troll. So Why is Gnome going along in this frame of painting Rothshield as the good guy, when he obviously is not?

@gnome Just to be clear.

I'm very happy you fought the fight. I'm immensely grateful for your time and effort. And happy about the outcome.

It's just that I feel there's something iffy here. But maybe thats my dislike of patent trolls speaking, IDK.

Sorry if I sounded negative towards you!

@berkes Considering Rotschild is nothing but a patent troll, does it really matter that he's allowed to frame it like this?

If he ran a actual company producing actual products it might have mattered, but Rotschild only makes money off lawsuits. As long as he didn't make any off this one it's a win.

@sab It matters that Gnome presents him as 'good towards Open Source'.

When he certainly is not that. To me, it smells like 'his side of the deal': "I'll let you go, but you'll have to tell everyone that we're not a bad company."

The important part is not that Gnome walked away unharmed from a patent troll, but that this troll was there in the first place. The only win, is when that troll crawls away harmed, hit, or killed.

@berkes I'm just not sure if you can really "kill" a patent troll, considering there is no company at all, just a bunch of patents. Only way to solve the problem is by fixing the broken patent system.

As for citing a patent troll on being pro open source as part of the settlement, it's kind of like citing a steaming pile of shit on how its pleasant smell is one of it's core qualities. It's obviously untrue, but it's also so far from reality I feel like it doesn't even matter.

@sab and with 'killed' I obviuosly mean the 'business' or company. As in bankrupt. Or otherwise unable to do any more harm.

Not a literal person being killed. Just to be extra clear.

@berkes @gnome On reddit, it says "The announcement is a mutually agreed text, and so I can't modify it I'm afraid."


If I may read between the lines, it is part of the settlement. As long as no harm was done, to open-source, great.

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