Is it possible to open a Lightning channel from which a pre-approved participant can withdraw at wish?

Use case would be to have a credit-balance at e.g. a hosting, VPS, or electricity company from which they can withdraw minutely based on use.

for that use case a normal LN channel could work: payment granularity could be increased to (for example) 1 minute increments. Customer's wallet could be coded to automatically pay invoices of a predetermined amount at this regular interval, during use.

If the customer fails to submit payment, the service provider just cuts off service. Even with a small grace period, at most a customer would receive a few minutes of unpaid service; the potential to scam is very low.

@htimsxela Automatic accept of payment-requests (invoices) seems like a good solution.

Next problem than is to ensure the invoices can be sent to a user, though.

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