I have similar tricks for other common tools:

netstat -tulpen
(tulpen is Dutch for Tulips)

ls -halal
(or, the potentially offensive ls -allah)

I don't even know exactly what the specific flags stand for. Also, obviously, I have them aliased on my system.

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Tar's arguments are incomprehensible and unrememberable.

So I've learned myself a silly trick. With a thick French Accent, my brain always says:

Tar, Compress Ze Files
Tar, Extract Ze Files

The most common question raised by Galactic Federation students of uncontacted sophonts is "Why did they do that?" and it is almost always asked about Earth Humans.
The common answer is "To show the impossible is possible".
The follow-up question "So is it?" has no firm answer.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories

We've stabilized and re-deployed the job-offer and job-candidate bot for the Fediverse.

πŸš€ search.flockingbird.social/

Please bear with us while we monitor and improve the bot and indexing service. It will crash. It will get things wrong.

We are aware that it can and should be improved. A lot. The hard part is not seeing what can be done better, not even in actually doing it. But in prioritizing what should be improved first.

So please! By all means let us know what you think sucks, needs work, can be done better or withholds you from using the job-search.

Better even: make that a ticket: github.com/Flockingbird/hunter. And best, obviously: make it a PR. The webpage is just plain HTML & vanilla JS. entry level. The bot is rust; sorry.

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Systemd makes a perfect argument on why you *don't* want the units (meter, second, etc) as part of your variable-name.

I'm shocked and sad about #M66B's (Marcel #Brokhorst) decision to quit work on all his awesome and important #floss #Android #apps #Netguard #FairEmail etc. But I totally understand his resignation, after years of David fighting against #Gooliath. This is were we're heading, folks. See #Pegasus #pMail yesterday. ☹️

Thanks for all your work, support and sacrifices, Marcel. πŸ™ All the best and I hope things smh fall into place for you. 🀞

Thanks for nothing, Google. #fckGoogle #redecentralize ✊

Mogen we nog boos zijn op BNers die bij een liedjesprogramma aan meisjes zaten, of op iemand die de overheid oplichtte met mondkapjes?

Of zijn we alweer door naar het volgende. Iets met SMSjes op een Nokia?

RT @JohanAdriaans
@berkes Let's play golf :)
find -path \*/.git/config -exec grep "url =" {} + | cut -d= -f2 | sort | uniq

Some people put up crystals to protect against 5g or Monsanto or both.

I put them up because they make pretty lights.

Needed a quick way to check how many projects were still somehow pointing to my old git server.

find -name '.git' -type d | xargs -I '{}' git --git-dir {} remote -v | cut -f2 | cut -d " " -f1 | sort | uniq

Gives an overview of what servers and urls are in use.

In 2019 I got banned off todon.nl for being transphobic. I then created Spinster and invited 20,000 transphobes to the Fediverse. I created a popular Free & Open Source Fediverse software called Soapbox. Today, I am proud to announce that Donald Trump has been elected president of the Fediverse. Thank you, todon.nl. This would have never happened if you just didn’t ban me.

Me: Cool! A new Hobbit movie! What book would that be based on, simarillion?
*Looks it up. Oh. Better even!

Reminds me of that automated server-namer that I once wrote. Worked fine: orange-penguin, purple-cat, red-fish, until we handed someone a server called "black-cock".
My boss send me a meme and i need to share it! reddit.com/r/programmerhumor/c

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