How can you say that a ton CO₂ pollution from Bitcoin mining is worse than a ton CO₂ from driving a Tesla. Without having a personal opinion on how useful Bitcoin, Driving or Tesla's are to you?

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@aral lack of carbon-taxing is a crime against humanity, not what you do with your electricity.

Some really good questions and answers and arguments here. WRT Bitcoin energy use. My favorite:

"Why it [mining] is profitable in the first place?"

Bitcoin miners are buying power plants -

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@berkes right. a payments system, but not a *consumer* payments system, is how I like to frame it, albeit that's both a nuance and also a slightly vague distinction, still, I think, it works.

It's not that by "non-consumer" I imply "smaller, less important", rather the opposite - "hard money" transactions in say the Soviet Union were often the *most* important ones!

"Bitcoin has failed" narratives remind me of the "Linux has failed" narratives.

Sure, if you insist that the only success for Linux is when it is installed on a majority of laptops, it has failed.

But for many other definitions it is a success. From running robots on Mars, to powering the majority of phones. Think broader.

Bitcoin has not replaced PayPal or Visa, But are those even relevant in near future? It does great as store of value and there are 2nd-layer protocols in use by millions.

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@berkes as this "coinbase ipo" thing is just direct listing where existing shareholders can sell their shares publicly (ie exit), firstly they probably will try to pump price above 250, but in mid/long term price could sink as they will sell out. The most important thing is that direct listing is not to raise money for company, but to exit for current investors.

Today, we'll see that Coinbase' $100 billion valuation is:

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Okay, people are officially freaking out about the J&J vaccine. Out of 7 million people who took it, 6 people experienced blood clots (1 person died). My mom just called me to warn me about this. Social media is losing it over this, the news is losing it.

Compare these numbers to people who contracted COVID. 9% of the US population got COVID, 0.1% of the population died from COVID.

Meanwhile, 0.0000857% of people who got the J&J vaccine experienced blood clots. 00.0000143% of people who got the J&J vaccine died from it.

Tell me again how numbers matter? Why are the same people who said COVID was overblown now incapable of counting numbers?

«Secure communications and secure transactions can be separate apps, even separate apps from the same organization. End-to-end encryption is already at risk. Signal is the best app we have out there. Combining it with a cryptocurrency means that the whole system dies if any part dies.»

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I think that #Signal turning into a crypto-currency banking system is...

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Hi everyone, we often get the question which domain provider we could recommend - also in regards to privacy. What would you recommend to fellow Tutanota users who want to get a custom domain? #followerpower #privacy #communitysupport

re-reading, It sounds like I'm exploring some "get rich quick" scheme.

I'm not. I'm learning about stock trading, dividend strategies and whatnot. And this could explain some patterns on stocks that I'm following. Or not, I just don't know enough yet.

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Question: If a dividend stock pays out, on, say 2021-04-10. Could I not buy a thousand stock on 2021-04-09 and dump them on -11. And if so, how is this called?

I'm trying to understand stocks better but lack the keywords to search for information.

Really Ruby?

There is absolutely no way I can see this causing issues. None at all /s.

Guess I'm not going to take that vaccine then. What a dissapointment.

> COVID-19 vaccines do not – and cannot – connect you to the internet.

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