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I’m still amazed that the @[email protected] hasn’t distanced itself from #IOTA.

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Without the "permissionless" part, your is just a very slow, complex, attackable and inefficient database.

Why would you ever want a slow, inefficient, complex and insecure database?

Someone did not think this through. IPV6 address with a port. works fine.
http://::1:8002 not.

The solution^D^Dhack is to surround the IP with square brackets: http://[::1]:8002

And the worst part: the format for ipv6 was known when the port syntax in URLs was introduced.

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:toot: With Extinction Rebellion Antwerp we did an AdBust action replacing posters with our own messages. It says: 'Permitting the biggest polluters in the low emission zone, that's typically Antwerp'.

🧐 Good to know: That's typically Antwerp' is the slogan from the city.
#byebyeconsumerism #jointherebellion

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Seeing as we have so many new users the past few weeks, let me mention that development of Mastodon and hosting of is not funded by venture capital or ads, but through crowdfunding:


And for certain tiers of support, your name or your company's logo is listed on our sponsors page:

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Has anyone else noticed that Google is getting worse at search?
- It keeps ignoring keywords
- Searching for code is almost impossible
- Even quotes are being ignored
- Results return 404 (page not found)

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I would love to compare the download stats of the respective whitepaper.pdf with amount of "investors" in the top ICO's.

I'm pretty certain there's a discrepancy there.

Spent the entire sunday-morning debugging someones Exchange email, which was not delivered to

Exchange is a mailserver. But it fails to deliver and receive mail entirely. As a mailserver it fails spectacular. Why are people still using it?

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Bruce Schneier has signed on to TBL's "Solid" distributed self-host-capable social media platform company, Inrupt.

This was one of the more interesting (though not yet ready for prime-time) options we looked at in the #Plexodus G+ shutdown migration.

HN discussion:


#socialMedia #distributedNetworks #Federation #BruceSchneier #TimBernersLee #SolidProtocol #Inrupt

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Analysis: #Coronavirus has temporarily reduced #China’s #CO2 #emissions by a quarter

#Coal use at power stations reporting daily data at a four-year low.

#Oil refinery operating rates in Shandong province at the lowest level since 2015.

Output of key #steel product lines at the lowest level for five years.

Levels of #NO2 #air #pollution over China down 36% on the same period last year.

Domestic #flights are down up to 70% compared to last month.


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Popup: "Your Pivacy matters!"

Errm. If you valued my privacy, you'd have built your site in a way that you don't need to show these popups in the first place.

@pixelfed asking for a consultancy-thing: is there a crossposter, browserplugin or -script to allow simple insta- pixelfed crossposting?

My client wants to try pixelfed, but not spend double the social media time. Yet i'm certain they'll like the fediverse.

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Framalistes is a great alternative indeed.

Here are some other French services:

Depending on where you live, I know some hackerspaces and local hosting structures that provide mailing list services to their members.

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