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Sneak-peek of our upcoming #Flockingbird Job Search Bot hunter2.

We're now finalizing these pages, stabilizing the bot and improving security.

Biggest challenge, before release, is a predictable&solid exclusion of people who indicated they don't want to be indexed (a must-have!)

After that we'll start adding more features and continue our core project.

What do you think is essential when searching for job openings, candidates or presenting yourself as candidate?

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A big inspiration for these crypto donate features I’ve been working on came from this WordPress plugin called “Crypto Donate Box” (first image). A few things I learned about a good crypto UI:

Put the address in an input field. This reduces errors copying it, it leaves things up to the browser, and it also makes it easy to implement a “copy” button.
You shouldn’t ever display multiple QR codes on the screen at the same time. Doing so could cause the user’s phone to accidentally capture the wrong QR code, sending funds to the wrong address. I ended up using a modal to display the QR code.

The WordPress design doesn’t scale to tens (or hundreds) of currencies, so I combined it with another design (, pictured second) to produce the final design (pictured last).

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I'm in the early stages of script-writing for a series of "Linux Myth-Busting" videos. Here are the first few ideas. Add yours!

#1 Installing Linux is hard

#2 Installing drivers is hard

#3 You can't game on Linux


State of webdevelopment:🤡

URL params are crucial part of the web standard since at least 1994.

In 2021, there is *still* no consistent, easy or performant way to access those arguments from JavaScript. The official API is poorly supported so most websites still parse it using handcrafted regular expressions. Over and Over and Over.

Postman just delivered a pile of court material from Japan in a case against a famous crypto exchange. With beautiful japanese stamps.

It being in Japanese makes deciphering hardly more complex than your average other legalese, though.

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But since 3.6% of all sites scanned by w3techs run Shopify, I guess it is fair to conclude that 75% of ruby deployed at independent host names is the same Shopify, and just 25% is making up the rest?

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Very neat how well the is visible in my solar cell monitoring.

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"If Rust is to meet its goals of improving security, stability, and quality Android-wide, we need to be able to use Rust anywhere in the codebase that native code is required."

Sounds like Rust is about to be used "Android-wide", "everywhere in the codebase" in :android:

#rust #android

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If you need to type emoji in Ubuntu, you can use the Super key (mostly the Windows key) on your keyboard to search for emoji, click it and paste to use it.

"There is a solar ".
"Runs frantically through the office trying to find which drawer that CD or DVD ended up in".

Stackoverflow has an opinion on PHP. Or would this be driven by their data?

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RT @danheld
The president of El Salvador just suggested “cheap and clean” Volcano energy to be used for Bitcoin mining.

If IBM made "woke" commercials back in the 80ies, they would look like this album cover.

(one of the best italo albums IMO. BTW)

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