In CSS I really miss a `more-important!` and `most-important!` and, ultimately, the `mega-ultimate-importantst!`

Dear American Youtubers. This is not Germany. Thanks, Europe.

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Na de watersnood waren er verschillende berichten op social media dat alleen witte autochtonen zouden helpen. Dat bleek, zoals zo vaak, weer eens onjuist. Hier een bericht van onze buren in Duitsland

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NEW: Hardcore porn is embedded all over regular-ass websites because a porn company has purchased the domain of a popular, defunct video hosting site.

GAAP is one of the best acronyms. In Dutch, it means YAWN. 🥱

GAAP stands for Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

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A website hosted in several places and served from wherever the sun's shining #OppositeOfCloud

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@Thinkforyours16 @The_Daggett 1912. 😉

I've seen some truly weird techno (aphx twin, modeshifter, autechre) but this COVID induced seated techno set trumps all.

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Das ist einfach so hoch, weil wir so viel messen.

I sincerely hate this social distance crap. (I still think it is necessary, though).

Here's from before all this shit. Everyone on stage: - PENNYWISE - Bro Hymn

When Brave started, I dug their idea. Then they did an ICO, and more crap.

Today I got cut from "uphold" some crappy crypto exchange. The only way to get your money, (well, BAT) in and out of brave.

Brave is literally nothing better than paypal or Google.

I love vacations where the journey is the main event. Where the destination is just one of many places to travel through.

That way, the moment you close the front-door, your vacancy starts.

Mijn bijdrage aan het verminderen van de wateroverlast in Limburg. Weer 30cl weggewerkt.

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