Ik wordt ook koning. Scheelt een bak aan belasting. Waar kan ik me als koning laten inschrijven?

Hi @[email protected] . Are you at SOTM? If so, maybe we could have a coffee and say Hi? I'm there, for @[email protected] which has some interesting overlap with @[email protected], I think. Are any of your team there?

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Richard Stallman resigns as president of the Free Software Foundation

Our statement: fsfe.org/news/2019/news-201909

De glasvezelaansluitpuntmonteur is klaar.

Over een paar weken kan ik weer netflixen met meer dan vijf pixels.

Looks like only Japan, Taiwan or HK and Australia have a clear majority of iOS users.

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In 2010, the iPhone represented about 15% of the 175 million smartphones sold worldwide.

Fast-forward to today, and Apple still has about 15% of the market, but total smartphone sales have mushroomed to 1.4 billion bloom.bg/2zobKVe via @[email protected]

🐦🔗: twitter.com/bopinion/status/11

Hallo DNB, hoe vordert jullie Cryptobewaarportemonneeaanbiedersregister? Hebben jullie al eens gedacht aan een Cryptobewaarportemonneeaanbiedersregisterbeheersoftware?

9/11. The day we all remember that the US uses a weird, nonstandard date-formatting.

Current state of carbon emission reduction:

We should really cut down on X.
-Y is far worse, they should stop first.


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Samen met Nobleton heb ik op de Blockchain, met en een vette dienst gebouwd: "Algemene voorwaarden deponeren op de Blockchain". Legal meets crypto.


Meer informatie: nobleton.nl/algemene-voorwaard

Redditors Roasting Wilders are hilarious.

Lindsay Graham doesn't want you to share his image with the white supremacist leader Geert Wilders of Holland

Ik bouw een cryptobewaarportemonnee.

Release over een paar dagen.

Hey, @[email protected] . Quite often I find that I'd love to tip someone at stackoverflow for giving me that solution I was craving for.

Any plans to start supporting Stackoverflow?

Lumen is spamming (airdropping) XLM all over the place. Expect the exchanges to flood with XLM in 3..2..

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Some arguments to challenge the view that cashless society is something the government would wish for , or maybe it's even outright impossible, with Tim counter arguments.
I think the contradictor is mostly right, but most of his arguments only hold for "business as usual" situation. When faced with the threat of immediate and severe recession, those concerns might be easily overcome I think

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