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JavaScript horrors 

Did you ever notice that JavaScript lets you use floating-point values as array indexes, and it'll store them and retrieve them?

They don't get iterated over, though, because that's actually setting a property named for the string conversion of the floating-point number.

> a = [1,2,3]
[ 1, 2, 3 ]
> a[2.5] = "ba"
> a
[ 1, 2, 3, '2.5': 'ba' ]
> a[2.5]
> a.forEach((x) => console.log(x));


Something tells me she would be raped. in 2020,

Twice before reaching the end of that first tunnel.

Still a great song.

I'm sure I've tricked the Google AI enough tonight.

Currently here:

The suggestions are getting ever weirder. Loving it.

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Interested in a federating LinkedIn alternative?
@berkes is working on it:

Give your feedback in this thread:…

Or follow the progress:

#ActivityPub #flockingbird

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Seems there is some traction for a TikTok ActivityPub thingy in the fediverse...

Did I say "Rails is a bad choice"?


Rails is great, because you are probably a startup, your project will probably fail (sorry!) or close before becoming a "long lived project".

Just realize that there might be a moment when you'll be moving parts of your rails code into services/libraries/apis/whatevs. *if* you succeed.

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Everyday I get more convinced that Rails (and Django, WP, Laravel etc) are great for PoCs, prototypes and in startup-phase.

But a poor choice for long lived projects. *So* much effort sinks in "keeping the code somewhat managable", "not using features", and other wasteful activity.

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Wine windows? 🍷

A quaint tradition with a dark history. Pint-size hatches, carved into the concrete walls of wineries and shops of Tuscany 🇮🇹

Beverage merchants could serve drinks at a safe social distance during the Black Death plague. 💀 Now repurposed for COVID-19 🦠

#Wine #Vin #Vino #WineWindows #BuchetteDelVino #Alcohol #Italy #Italia #Tuscany #Toscana #Europe #Pandemic #COVID19 #Coronavirus

I've been switching between a large and terrifyingly wieldy /Rails app and a complex app the last weeks:

Strong typing truly is a requirement for manageability when growing.

"What's the difference between capitalism and communism? A: In capitalism, man exploits fellow man. In socialism, it's exactly the opposite."

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I wonder how much Microsoft owes theUS govt, after it cheaply aquires TikTok. A deal made possible by the US govt banning TikTok.

And then, what that debt means for other products. NSA infiltrating GitHub to plant backdoors in OSS software? Selfcensoring to 'help' with coming elections? Scary stuff, and another reason why EU really needs to ramp up their tech alternatives.

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Stamattina il mio mood musicale è: "Murder the government " by NOFX

I wanna see the constitution burn
Wanna watch the white house overturn
Wanna witness some blue blood bleed red

I wanna tar and lynch the KKK
I wanna pull and shoot the NRA
I wanna pay the lobbyists to kill themselves
I wanna dose the DEA
I wanna join the CIA (not really)

It just seems so fucking easy to make this
Country a better place to live.
Illegalize guns and lobbying
(Jail murderers and extortionists)...
Legalize drugs and prostitution
(Free salesmen and saleswomen)...

Murder the government Murder the government
Murder the government And then do it again yeah
Murder the government Murder the government
Murder the government and then
Murder the government


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