This holiday, I cracked my screen on my 2. Now, back home, I have spare parts (second hand broken fairphone, kept for parts, really). Took me less than 2 minutes to replace the screen.

We need all electronics designed for repair.

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Ik doe mijn eigen onderzoek!!!!!!11~ en daaruit is gebleken dat dit de 6 soorten anti-vaxxers zijn (1/6)

The Software bubble that is and the blogging bubble that was

"That’s value extraction. Strip-mining if you want to hammer home the unsustainability. Looting if you want to emphasise the moral dimension."

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Working on #cryptocurrency donation buttons. They will appear under posts by users who added crypto addresses to their profiles using "$" notation, as pioneered by @soapbox

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When you buy e.g. a travel expense reimbursement thingy (“basically a spreadsheet right”) you’re buying many more thousands of hours of expertise than you can hire at probably single digit percentage points of the cost.

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The minimum viable SaaS is already much better than a spreadsheet operated by almost anyone. The only question you have to ask to verify that: “Who is in charge of the backups for the machine the spreadsheet is maintained on?”

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@matbalez Signal's ethos is privacy. We want to build tech that allows you to communicate/be expressive while keeping your data in your hands. I can reiterate how this flow would be inappropriate for Signal rn, but BTC folk seem more interested in berating our ethos than building alongside

Websites van het eerste uur zijn soms bijna onvindbaar op het internet en dreigen verloren te gaan. Dankzij de steun van @sidnfonds kan @KN_Nederland 'stokoude' websites van @xs4all archiveren en blijft dit unieke digitale erfgoed bewaard.

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If you use #GMail, #Google keeps records of everything you buy, even if you delete the email receipt, and even if you didn't buy the product from them. Here's metadata from my takeout showing price, delivery address, description, vendor, etc. #privacy

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We’re also adding new payment options and, for the first time, allowing people to send Bitcoin tips through the use of a Bitcoin address or Lightning-enabled wallet ⚡️

"How does the client decide if it is possible to cancel or pay this order?
This logic is already present on the server and can be communicated with HATEOAS. So instead of duplicating logic the client has just to check if a specific link is present. For example: If the cancellation link is present, it is possible to cancel the order and therefore the Cancel order button should be shown in the user interface."

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There's no tape. There's no glue. Every part has a QR code that you can shoot with your phone to go to a service manual that has simple-to-follow instructions for installing, removing and replacing it. Every part is labeled in English, too!

The screen is replaceable. The keyboard is replaceable. The touchpad is replaceable. Removing the battery and replacing it takes less than five minutes. The computer actually ships *with a screwdriver*.


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Based on a month's use, I am prepared to declare myself a Framework loyalist, and to retire my last Thinkpad...forever.


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While I spectacularly failed the #sourdough hashtag in this previous post, I find it quite interesting that in english, the word describes its taste, in french "levain", its action (raise) and in spanish "masa madre", it's the mother of all things.

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Once again for those who don't seem to have gotten it, NFTs are a pyramid scheme based on stolen artwork. Claims of "helping artists make money" are entirely fraudulent.

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On this day in 1973, Salvadore Allende, the progressive, democratically elected leader of Chile, was deposed and killed in a US-backed coup that installed the right-wing dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.


A nice thing about is that it involves a lot of conversation, thinking and refining. No coding. So all can be done at the coffeeplace at the beach.

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