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In which a blogger finds the private key used to sign Hyundai car software updates … by googling it. They used a key pair from a popular tutorial. 😂😂😂

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I spoze the historic and ongoing inability/unwillingness of the software trade to grasp and adopt test-driven development (TDD) is one of the most frustrating & demoralizing events of my forty-two years as a professional geek.

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Het wordt dus steeds onduidelijker van wie welke bitcoin is.

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They arrested the developer of tornado cash. 🚨

I repeat: a man was arrested for writing code that served as a public good for people to maintain their privacy online.

They put a man in jail because bad people used his open source code.

This cannot stand in any free society.

"Ironisch genoeg een instelling die je zou verwachten van bijvoorbeeld de VVD, maar die zijn alleen van law and order als de gummiknuppel neerkomt op activisten die toch nooit op ze stemmen."
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De eerste blokkeerboer stond voor de rechter, en kreeg een straf waarvoor Wilders normaal termen als ‘D66 neprechters’ gebruikt. Mijn @NieuweRevu -column over de verliezer van de trekkerrace. revu.nl/artikel/484…

If dutch farmers are angry for being squeezed out, then why don't they target that hate at their deliverers?

At companies making trillions on seeds, fertilizers, animal food like ForFarmers? The ones fucking farmers over?

(answer: these corps are funding and fanning that hate)

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Zeg @trouw stop alsjeblieft met die kul: ‘die de woede op het platteland aanjaagt’. Er is hier geen woede. Er zijn wat boze, stinkend rijke ondernemers die vrezen voor hun verdienmodel en er zijn een paar burgers die zich daardoor laten opjutten. That’s all.

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@berkes en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TRPV1 plays the main role in it. I'm not a bio/chem expert.

The effect is well known and many traditional warm regions favor spicy food in their cuisine.

My preferred way to deal with a heatwave is Sri-Ratcha sause. Or anything spicy. Just had a scorching bowl of noodlesoup.

Not sure why, but the rush, sweat, or the "pain" really helps. Maybe it distracts?

From Uni of Reading (@[email protected]:twitter:):

"In this experiment Dr Rob Thompson of Reading Meteorology shows just how long it takes water to soak into parched ground, illustrating why heavy rainfall after a #drought can be dangerous and might lead to flashfloods."

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNOW #ClimateEmergency #heatwave #summer

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Here’s what would make the top ten, in no particular order:

• Market demand
• Business model
• Technical skills
• Business acumen
• Storytelling
• Industry connections
• VC connections
• Ability to hire
• Creativity / Resourcefulness
• Competitive landscape

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All this talk about founders needing to grind every weekend and late nights is toxic and bullshit

Of all the variables involved in startup success, the total number of hours worked wouldn’t even be in the top ten

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