If Microsoft ❤ Open Source, why is there not an army of their best Lawyers attacking RIAA, for hurting one of their Open Source customers on Github?

Or is there? ,

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Real programmers measure their output in SPMs: saves-per-minute 😂

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I know others have commented on it (as have I*) but the irony of Twitter forcing people to 'quote retweet' to fix disinformation and trolling in the run up to the US election, while Mastodon explicitly disallows the functionality because that's exactly what it leads to.

* dougbelshaw.com/blog/2020/10/1

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To be fair: the colleague was right as in that specific case leap years hardly matter. And 1752 is not going to be used ever.

Still: leave it to libs.

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"just divide by 365" a colleague said. Me: eerm, date math is hard. really hard.

To prove my point, I went looking.

One example that you probably got wrong when implementing DIY date math: todayinhistory.blog/2018/09/03

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What is currently the most accessible, lightweight (clientside) and simple to implement, HTML+CSS framework for web-apps?

Primarily for a web-app for mobile use.

Not looking for JavaScript platforms, but if it has some small JS-requirements thats OK.

To be integrated in a fully serverside rendered web-app.

"Give Microsoft a chance to prove themselves", people said when they bought Github.

Now is the time to show what they're worth. -dl

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Gorillaz at it again. Song Machine is f*n brilliant. Weird too.

Favorite so far is "with love to an ex". South African Ghetto Hiphop on Gorrilaz tunes. Did I say weird?


It's not cold outside, when you have a brother to curl up against.

JSON-LD is for when you want to describe your metadata with more metadata.

You don't want that.

It started six years ago. And hopefully, it will be the last time in 2020. Please switch on two-factor authentication on all of your accounts. 🙏

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@berkes Yes! Exactly. It sounds better doesn't it? And I think it creates collective thinking. You move person out of the equation and focus on what is beneficial for us as a team.

Rails 'accepts_nested_attributes" is without doubt the biggest footgun in Rails. It's a "sharp knive", very occasionally useful, but one that really should have protective covers (warnings). There always always is a better way to solve what you are trying with it.

knives is a reference to rubyonrails.org/doctrine/#prov

/* You Are Not Expected to Understand This */


> the most influential 9,000 lines of code of all time

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VW's ID.3 is now selling over 4x higher than Tesla's Model 3, in The Netherlands (year average, to exclude Tesla end of quartal delivery peaks and -lows)

In just one month after delivery started here ..

(And VW is only just getting started)


Is it finally dawning on Mozilla that their "business model" is very much flawed?

"Being Googles Bitch" is not a businessmodel, it is an abuse model.

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