Taproot Activation Brings Massive Upgrades To

“This is a momentous achievement for Bitcoin and will enable so many awesome new things for not just Bitcoin but everything built on top of it, too.”

Written by @benthecarman.


Using Discreet Log Contracts To Attack Bitcoin Forks.

"DLCs provide an alternative that could function as a marketplace for pricing the cost to attack minority blockchains."

Written by @benthecarman.


In half an hour, the first activation meeting on begins in #-activation on freenode!

Join via web browser: webchat.freenode.net/?channel=

- Discussion of activation params & making a formal proposal
- BIP review (2 PRs)
- Code review (1 PR)

Over on that other site, @benthecarman wrote this. How much longer before this is considered nazi hate speech because it doesn't fit their narrative??

Excited to be joined by @J9Roem and @benthecarman for Citadel Dispatch later today.

Our focus will be on privacy, censorship, and open source software. Get your questions ready!

Join us live in 4 hours at 5PM EST / 2200 UTC via twitter, youtube, or twitch: CitadelDispatch.com.

The Future Of Bitcoin Upgrades: Off-Chain Contract Execution.

"Bitcoin contracts primarily exist as a broadcast system, requiring the network to validate and store everyone’s contract execution logic."

Written by @benthecarman


I keep buying new raspberry pis for different things I want to run, however, thinking I should just make the switch and get a full on server rack. Any recommendations on best ways to get started?

I told people to buy yesterday and they said, "I'll wait until 30k". Time to put up or shutup

Everyone come to Austin for the Austin Bitcoin Developers meetup on January 21, not this Thursday but next Thursday. Justin and Ben will lead the seminar but I'm sure we will also discuss Texas bitcoin citadels no doubt @[email protected] @benthecarman

If quatum computers are part of your threat model, you need to move off-planet. There is a nuke within range with launch codes vulnerable to a quatum computer decrypting them.

But guys, if we all switch to mastodon we can't use fleets

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