Imagine a future with an organization that:

- Oversees every transaction you make
- Controls where and how you can spend your money
- Can just take your money and use it as it wish

That’s the future central bankers plan, and you only have one alternative.  

@benkaufman i feel bad for pre-coiners who have no idea what's coming for them

@benkaufman automatic taxes, automatic fines, negative interest rates. No thank you!

@benkaufman the future looks even brighter with “Wearable Smart Patches”

@benkaufman They want to collapse the Central Bank (money issuance), Investment Bank (capital allocation), Commercial Bank (deposits and payments) into a single organization.

Disastrous implications indeed.

@benkaufman even worse than you can imagine.
Free money is also a much needed form of protest.
If the nation state outlaws a particular good, food, activity, etc for any reason - they won't even need to enforce it - they'll just prevent payments to those services until that entity starves.
With free money you can circumvent their control and buy what you want unconditionally.

@benkaufman it is also the future of this world once AI dominance is upon us. In some ways it is here right now. REBEL

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