Reality: “US closed borders to unvaccinated (including naturally immune) passengers from abroad”

The media:

“I called a bubble worth 0 at $50 and I still call it a bubble a worth 0 decade later at $50,000” is something only a coward who was too scared to put skin in the game can say

🤡🌎 2021 - when genocide is just a “different norm” but going to the GYM means you just want people to die

Oh no! The plebs are talking unfettered! Soon they might even try thinking for themselves, how horrible!

Seriously if you’re still comparing   to tulips in 2021 you’re an idiot

 ’s Ben Kaufman says the Euro’s printing is comparable to the 18th century French paper Assignats craze— which ended in collapse

Bill Gates cares so much about the environment that he has invested in a private jets company just last week. 🤡🌎

The more energy people put into   the more secure, and unstoppable, it becomes.

Deal with it.

  didn’t make a new ATH for a whole day, it’s now in a bear market.

I, for one, welcome this bear market. Finally managed to be productive again and get so much done on @SpecterWallet 👻🚀

In 2017 the narrative was degenerate retail investors pumping  

In 2021 it’s about degenerate billionaires pumping it

- One node run by a convicted criminal
- Arbitrarily changing monetary policy
- Ongoing presale for insiders
- Crashing in value
- Got paid marketing shills
- Centralized issuance
- Doing airdrops
- Can’t run the numbers

The Euro is a shitcoin

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