looks like might just stretch to month net0 then big squeeze back to 101xx's from there and onwards.

(neither advice nor recommendation.)
vis. only
usual caveats

pocket money pump room bears get it handed to them

oh when the reds,
oh when the reds,
oh when the reds turn plus net volume,
oh when the reds turn plus net volume,
that's when the greens come marching home.

Echo you can write own observational, inspiring, witty, whatever story next to picture or do crazy mash-up with QE, equities, FX, global depression index (i made up global depression index but it probably exists (i won't trawl through the dullnet to dig it out)).

you could add something wullie about algebraic relationship beween halvening, hash rate, difficulty and price.

or you could just go back to working on those time machine power units happy in the knowledge that

quick reminder:
the bear bottom in on the left.

vis. only

attempt at the 9's firmly rejected, shortists very much out in the cold, ultra-hyper-bulls possibly overblown, movement into mature stabilty/haven growth models seem increasingly to confirm developmental progress and expectations.

no need for crack actuarial team to decipher this.

fake gold rife...

come on in, you're welcome.


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