Bitcoin $1,400,000 by June. After $10,000,000,000,000 from the Biden administration in "stimulus" by that point, every business in America is going to be scrambling for a piece of scarce money.

@beeforbacon Target is a BIT high tbh, but but I like your attitude! Let's see 100k by August and I think we'll all feel we're doing great. In any case BRRRR is gonna go absolutely nuts, so get ready for some upside shockers!

@bitcoinpasada Yeah I know, I just wanted to predict something crazy just in case it does happen I can be looked back on as a prophet or something.

@beeforbacon It would be very sad if we are that screwed. I think over the next 4 years it might play out though, so not much better

@SatsRoubini Shit it could be higher... is a world-wide thing, I don't think we all are appreciating the severity of the phrase "gradually then suddenly" The suddenly component is no friggin joke.

@beeforbacon Yeah, I know. It's one of those things where the more right we are, the worse it is.

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