Bitcoin is an asset.
Fiat is a liability.

It's that simple.

is a reflection of my time and work. Any agency or individual seeking to destroy the fruits of my labor (my money: Bitcoin) will have a surprise or two waiting for them.

I just did some digging and found the exact date I heard of at a libertarian meet up in Denver, CO. It was July 2013. Price was $83 right before the big run up to $1000.

I'm not telling nocoiners to buy . I am just telling them to have a fiat exit strategy because this 50 year experiment is over very soon.

Bitcoin $1,400,000 by June. After $10,000,000,000,000 from the Biden administration in "stimulus" by that point, every business in America is going to be scrambling for a piece of scarce money.

My expectations with are a direct reflection of my bullishness on bitcoiners. I expect great things from you all.

Back in the green, that was a fun dip. See everyone at 65k or so.

Honestly I'm tired of the retarded twitter nocoiners. I'm happy to just be able to interact with my people without being exposed to idiots.

I am so inspired and motivated right now. Bitcoiners! Please do more than just stack coin. That's important but we need more people that know how to run a node, work linux, know the basics of git and open source, and can teach our next generation that the internet is useless without sovereignty.

We must host our own file sharing systems, use onion sites for private sharing, and do all we can to create the future we want and deserve.

This whole free speech attack is part of the plan to condition people to be afraid. They need fear and obedience because they know the central banks and the economy are going down the tubes. The only way for them to maintain order is for them to opiate the masses as much as possible. Thankfully we have a free open source technology, BITCOIN, that is going to get us out of this mess after the collapse. Plan accordingly!

Twitter is done. Gradually then suddenly.

I am really digging the dissenter browser! if you want to try it out. Open source free speech focused and anti big-tech.

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