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You see? Cody's site would be a perfect test case for whether or not Azure would kill his eCommerce instance. Microsoft and Shopify are both from the same camp in this war. There is no getting around it or playing it down. It is a plain fact, and it's insane to not address this vulnerability directly, openly and honestly.

@beautyon What these people can't seem to understand is that when they read something on Facebook, they are not reading words published by Facebook; they're reading something published by a Facebook User. There is nothing ambiguous about this; Facebook is a software publishing platform, and its users are responsible for what they say, not Facebook, or Twitter or any CALISOC social media company.

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@beautyon Facebook is not liable for what people post on it, any more than AT&T is liable for the bad things people say on their phones, or Apple in what bad things people type on their keyboards. Socialists can't come up with their own services, and so they immediately go for the torches and mob mentality. It won't work on an American company, where people have rights that are written down.

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Nigel Farage is totally wrong about this, obviously. Publishers are not compelled to publish the works of other people. Penguin has an absolute right to reject any manuscript that is sent to them. If Facebook is a publisher, the rules don't change. Farage claims there needs to be a "Bill of Rights" for the internet. 1/America already has a Bill of Rights. 2/You can't have a right to other people's property and services. In America at least.

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@beautyon Marx used the term "capitalist" as a term of derision.

Vitalik uses "maximalist" in the same sense.

Vitalik == Karl Marx

Hear the arguments laid out plainly. Sadly this is not about making arguments any more.

If you have a problem with a service, why would you use a public forum to post a complaint? Why wouldn't you DM the owners? Are people really as stupid as they appear to be? It seems that they are!

Not so funny now, is it?
"We're sorry! Your Amazon Smart Refrigerator has denied you access to your groceries due to a homophobic comment made at dinner last night."

@beautyon What we're seeing now is the beginning of a hot culture war, where the weapon is software. The opening salvo was fired by CALISOC, who opened a front by cutting the lines of open communication and free exchange of ideas. The second front will be money. Bitcoin is already in winning position, because it doesn't depend on CALISOC infrastructure.

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Even INGSOC Socialists at Spiked are very worried about the SJW, CALISOC/INGSOC, PC, dysmorphia normalisation insanity spreading across the west; they have just enough reasoning powers to understand that in the end, this will impact all speech, including theirs, and that this is an arbitrary standard, not one borne of logic. Brendan is a publisher, so he is seeing it first.

This relates directly to Alex Jones and CALISOC. “Generations of people fought very hard for the right to blaspheme against religion, for the right to mock gods and prophets and beliefs. We’re now backtracking on that and offering one religion — Islam — special protection from criticism. This is bad.”

@beautyon If you publish on a platform that uses federated logins and your login provider is a CALISOC enforcer, your publishing platform dies. Alex Jones is still making this problem by switching from MailChimp to another mailing list SAAS provider. He should have a competent developer on staff who can install GNU Mailman and run it. There are NO EXCUSES ANY MORE.

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Anyone with experience in compiling their own software and meeting dependency problems recognises the dangers inherent in an ecosystem built on APIs run from CALISOC. At any time, your application can be broken, and the pain of fixing it is non-trivial. Anyone building on Azure or Windows doesn't have this mentality, and it is a very serious problem.

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I lterally do nothing but lurk on twitter.... is it cause I liked one of @beautyon's tweets?

For the record, I disagree with @beautyon on a large number of topics, but hearing his perspective on a lot of topics made me question my own values and opinions, something I wouldn't give up for the world.

But seriously lol I literally do nothing but lurk and like stuff on twitter.

God bless mastodon!

Nick is right. Windows and everything to do with Microsoft is a big problem. Build your house on sand...

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