We are experiencing a family tragedy. There was an accident and one of my younger sons passed on. Surviving family is coping and figuring out the next steps. I do not know if or when I will be back as the gravity of the situation is uncharted territory.
I am okay but I am in shock.

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Chef’s Kiss: Central banks buying worthless debt while millions of ordinary people acquire the hardest money in the universe.

I'm getting worried about my ex-husband. He's a lot older than me. I don't know where he is or what he's up to, but

Maybe the men do know why more women aren't into bitcoin but she's set up to make them uncomfortable sharing their truth. Saylor had the perfect corporate noise answer, Saifedean dodged the bullet altogether. Those are the only interviews I watched so far.

I don't want to get into it. I'm a woman and I'm into bitcoin, but again, survival instincts.

I told my kid this great epiphany and he rolled his eyes. 🦎

Secretly I think he believes me.

The lizard people are losing their ability to cloak their appearance.

There I said it!

You can kick me off now. 😂

This interviewer keeps asking her male guests why more women aren't into bitcoin. That just bothers me. Why don't you ask more women why they aren't into bitcoin? Why are you asking the men? How the hell would they know?

But don't listen to me I am simply a woman. Very passive. However, unlike most women, I think to survive. Hyper-vigilant.

Watch me be a little bit right tho. 😁

Speaking off the cuff here, just completely out of the blue. I had a random thought this very moment. Based on a multitude of nuanced observations over a period of time, along with the pervasive question of "Why?" this idea came to me.

The reason they're hasting their agenda so sloppily is because they're losing their ability to cloak their true appearance from the masses. When the veil lifts from these demons, there will be no chance left of controlling humanity.

There's your why.

If it's gonna be another bear market for a while, think how much bitcoin we can accumulate! So much easier to buy sub 30K.

Just stack and stack and stack.

Day 2 of ketosis / after 4 days of no sugar no carbs, so almost a week now. All the symptoms they described are happening to a tee! Lol, weird. Headache is gone after a good night's sleep, but weird dreams and even a claustrophobic nightmare that woke me up. (I was trapped in a car with a bunch of liberals. Yikes!)

So, wish me luck. I'm not hungry today yet but it's still early.

The weeble wobbles have no stamina. They already pooped out as expected. Takes a LOT of energy to put out the Fake Happiness. Booze only does so much.

Now there's the crazy horn honking down the street.

Ten thousand a month. Housing is going up ten thousand a month.

Fabric on your face is normal while social media censors political debate and scientific discourse. Do puncture your skin with this injection, baby, c'mon, I'll give you a lottery ticket. C'mon baby just do it. C'mon!!

This is the kind of shit that gets me to want to move outta here.

So conflicted with the idea.

One of my kids wants to move to Germany for career stuff. He's getting his passport now but I'm kinda freaking out about the required nose rape Q-tip thing. Not until next winter so who knows by then.

Anyway, their government is an even bigger bully than they are. I don't have to do much anymore to defend myself, just wait for another ordinance to come through and they quiver and hide.

No government job for me. No bankrupt pensions. No jabjabs. Don't have to pretend to love anything.

One time my roof was leaking around the chimney, only I didn't know what the fuck was going on, and someone said all I needed to do is put this black stuff around the chimney and a squirrel guard or whatever on top, so I did, IN THE RAIN. Nope, not really the problem, but the chimney cap looked cool when I was done. Nice touch to the house. 3 days later, these fucking weeble woble losers got a fucking chimney guard on their house too.


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