Just submitted a request to close my account.

Having full KYC and next level babylon is not worth 4%pa

I had to bend both knees this morning.

Going downstairs was impossible otherwise.

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Don't be the lowest hanging fruit. It's that simple.

Get your sats into a wallet where YOU control the private keys.

Read πŸ‘‰ bitcoiner.guide/wallet
Ask questions πŸ‘‰ join.bitcoiner.chat
Get help πŸ‘‰ bitcoiner.guide/support

It's IRISH REPUBLICAN ARMY, not some shitty pension scheme. Please get it right America. After all, you're their biggest funder.

Fucking love Fridays when I can chill and listen to Rabbit Hole Recap.

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Unpopular bitcoiner opinion:

Saying bend/don't bend the knee sounds proper fruity.

So been thinking about a move, was looking at properties and there's only a fucking volcano where I want to go. THIS IS MENTAL.

Still need the corn to pump more before I can afford the move but things look very promising indeed.

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Ninja wallet β„’
RT @AaronWi38550500
$XMR Monero discloses that its privacy token hasn't actually been private for 90%+ of transactions. Whoops! Used Monero in a transaction and didn't wait longer than 20 minutes? It wasn't private. twitter.com/monero/status/1419

I've taken on the task of critiquing Alex Gladstein's piece on Palestine regards to the Israeli biases exhibited throughout the work.

IMO the piece focuses on internal Palestinian corruption to justify apartheid and dismisses Palestinian sovereignty to make democratic choices based on US and EU outlooks, both of whom are military allies to Israel.

Please feel free to share your thoughts (even if you disagree with me).

I don't think those outside appreciatete how much learning is involved. There's the technical, the philosophical and the political (although this last point is debatable).

Just taking one of these on is a full time job. Combining this with a professional life in another field is extremely difficult! I love what I do, yet all my downtime is consumed with learning Bitcoin. I'm still so behind and it's a moving target.

I'll plough on but there are no shortcuts.

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Ok where's first with the Shadowy Super Coder t-shirts?

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Having nuclear weapons is a great tool for building generational wealth.

I'm still wearing a mask in the town. I don't give a damn about Covid.

Way more importantly, I hate CCTV and surveillance in general, I dislike banks and masks are actually quite fun when you wear them correctly. I'm going to see how long I can keep wearing one any time I go in a bank. If people think I'm scared, well they're free to think that. πŸ˜‚

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