Never ceases to amaze me how shook some folks are about trans people.

I got no time for that shit. Trans people have existed since at least Ancient Greek times, before Twitter even.

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First ever client offering to pay in . Boom! :)

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Hey nodlers! We have two in on this Triangle swap. 2M sats. If you have the capacity, we have an open spot. pin:10eea4a871

I appreciate it's a hot topic but not everyone lives in North America, Land of the Slaves. Troll post but I'm here for the Bitcoin.

Anyone into ?

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Kitchen smells like a fish sauce factory. The price I'm willing to pay for the most delicious omelette.

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Is this or some COVID wokeness festival federation?

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This looks like it produces a global (hash) database of people's iris scans (for "fairness"), and waves away the implications by saying "we deleted the scans!"

Yeah, but you save the *hashes* produced by the scans. Hashes that match *future* scans.

Don't catalogue eyeballs.

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Reminder: NOT federating social media at all is identical to banning everyone who chooses not to use your network.

IMO this should be considered a form of monopoly abuse and illegal.

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Guess it's time to renew the push for Mastodon.

Apparently a hypothetical self-defense is a permanent ban from Twitter.

Too many people talking about "interest accounts" not counter party risk accounts.

I have no beef with the concept, just the language. Then people will better understand the cuntyness of the finance industry better.

I often wonder why Zerohedge have a naked man avatar.

Are they naked there?

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"finance experts" who bashed and shorted the entire bitcoin move up are now full of advice what to do next

Who is Json and why is he in my bitcoinz?

It's like being a kid on xm0ss waiting for Santa...

The only IRA account I'll ever want is with these guys.

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