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“Normalize CoinJoin and CoinSwap because they are really for privacy. If you believe that privacy is a basic human right, why should we be ashamed of that?” [email protected]

Hay una sola moneda digital que no se va a desvalorizar. Si ganas más que gastas, debes ahorrar en bitcoin. Si no ganas más que gastes, entonces encuentra alguna manera de ganar más plata para que puedas acumular los satoshi.

Bitcoin becomes a teenager in a bit over an hour by my reckoning (?)


Governments’ nature is to expand power and size over time; there is no incentive to shrink.

That you don't have to invest in *anything* any more because we have bitcoin is profound. You can simply save your time and effort in sats. Gold has always been a subpar store of value as it tends towards centralization; we've never had a better SoV money before.

and Predictions

Gold will grow @ 10% CAGR over next 10 yrs
- $1800 to $4700/ozt
- Market Cap: From $11.7T to $30.3T: 2.6x

BTC will grow @ 35% CAGR next 10 yrs
- $48,000 to $965,000/BTC
- Market Cap: From $0.9T to $19.7T: 21.9x

By 2035: BTC $46T > Gold $40T

Tall castle serves as evidence for low time-preference behavior in early western civilization.

Just published: Schnorr Basics.

* How Schnorr signatures work
* Why use a nonce?
* Why is the nonce private?
* Why is nonce reuse bad?

Thoroughly unreviewed by experts, please comment with corrections.

Some Good Bitcoiner Matrix Chat Rooms:

Try it with a free account via Element app:

- refuse to be terrorized
- eat meat and burn fossil fuels
- get strong, stay strong, raise children to be strong
- save money, avoid debt
- embrace crafts, fine art, music
- read books, read books to each other
- be kind to thy neighbor
- enjoy each other's company

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NOW - Elon Musk: "The government is simply the biggest corporation, with the monopoly on violence."

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