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My journey so far:
☑️ Front-run crypto & VC-bros in acquiring another hostname
☑️ Nginx + TLS 1.3 + certbot stuffs
☑️ Some reverse-proxy-fu

One last piece of the puzzle: I think I need a federated relay to try on my private mastodon server.

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Some people genuinely believe that eating meat or keeping their savings in Bitcoin is bad for the planet.

So they eat unhealthy meat substitutes and put their money in PoS shitcoins, thus destroying their own health and wealth.

It’s very arrogant to think the planet needs you to do something in order to “be saved”. You are the only one you can - and have the responsibility to - “save”. And mostly you need to save yourself from yourself.

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How to setup mastodon on your own domain; Muppet Edition 

1) Get domain
- Pay in bitcoin:

2) Get VPS
- Pay in bitcoin:

3) Install Yunohost

4) Configure DNS records on your domain

5) Post install from Yunohost GUI
- Add domain and auto-generate LetsEncrypt SSL cert

6) Install Mastodon from Yunohost GUI
- repo reference:

Some (cheap) alternatives on hosting your own Mastodon server that I could think of:
1. If you have good internet, not moving around, and have your own RPi: deploy on local. If your ISP didn't provide you with public IP, create a hidden service and go buy a dirt-cheap VPS ($2/year) for solely tor2ip purpose
2. If you prefer VPS: go to Hostens, decent spec container VPS witth low price. $44/3yrs.
You also need a domain on top of it. You can go with either a cheap TLD or a more expensive one.

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After reflecting at 80C; my near future plan is to keep running this indeterminately

Socialmedia is at dire times, I don't want to dump this cosy spot until we've better solutions

I strongly encourage ppl who can, run their own instances & just connect to us


I will keep signups closed, maybe invite only later

Moderation rules will remain the same w/ the exception of being less understanding w/ ppl being dicks, that includes bitching about BH on Twitter

Taproot is active on signet. One step closer to mainnet activation 🔥

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Hey @bitcoinhackers, I was permanently banned on Twitter over the weekend and I refuse to create a new account.

Can you guys please boost this so I can find and reconnect with people, thanks!

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I’m going to publish a blog post about buying dips and being a good friend.

I think you’ll like it. Join now, if you want to be first to read it!

🔁And please boost this toot for awareness 🙏

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This device is unsafe.
RT @CryptOrca
Looks like today global disaster day.
Connected my trezor today. Crap crashed and said need to wipe and new firmware. Did and first time seed gave error. Second time in different sequence accepted but no funds. HALP ... hrs later wiped and entered original seed. Funds safu now

We traded the ability to dunk on shitcoiner/nocoiner with ad-free, scammer-free, and impersonator-free network.
I think it's worth it.

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With the recent attack on Tor, I wonder how it affects LN node. My node seems okay, though.

It's weekend yet incoming transactions to the network does not seems to be slowing down soon.
Couple this with oncoming difficulty adjustment, the dream of getting cheap onchain transaction is getting further out of reach.
I hope taproot fixes this. I am just a bitcoiner who want to tend my sats and channels...

Twitter is nuked. Gonna be here for a while 😁

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